Just….ow. Every now and then, there’s no way around a botch. Sometimes you have someone in the wrong place in the wrong time and that can end in a bad moments. You never can tell how bad the result is going to be and that seems to be the case this week on Monday Night Raw when someone got knocked silly and the match had to be changed as a result.

Last night on Monday Night Raw, Brie Bella was in a six man tag with her sister Nikki and Natalya against the Riott Squad. During the match, Bella was using the Daniel Bryan YES Kicks when she accidentally kicked Liv Morgan square in the face twice in a row. According to Fightful.com, Morgan is having trouble remembering the match and had to be dragged to the corner as she was unable to continue the planned match, requiring Ruby Riott to call the rest of the match in the ring. Here is a clip of the botched kicks:

Opinion: It’s wrestling nature for people to get hurt and to have things messed up from time to time, but egads man it seems to happen to Bella time and time again. There are certainly worse wrestlers out there than her, but this is starting to become an issue. Her sister is a far bigger star and Bella never has been the best in-ring worker. It might be better for her to stick with a more basic offense, as what she’s doing isn’t quite working.

What did you think of Bella’s botch? How can she avoid this in the future? Let us know in the comments below.

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