It’s not over for Hardy yet. While wrestlers are stars when they are on camera, they are still humans like the people who watch them on TV. That is something that can often be forgotten when you are watching them every week and it can often play into what they do in the ring. The wrestlers have families and lives off screen and one of them is dealing with some issues that are rather serious.

It is no secret that Jeff Hardy has had his share of legal and substance abuse issues. There are all kinds of stories of Hardy having one problem after another and that has been the case for many years. Hardy had several issues of his own last year and the situation is still not entirely over. Hardy does seem to be doing a little bit better, but he still has something else to take care of before it is over.

According to, Hardy’s court appearance over an October 2019 Driving While Impaired arrest has been pushed back until October 22. Several North Carolina courts have been closed over Coronavirus concerns, causing several delays in cases. Hardy returned to WWE after recovering from a knee injury back in March and has regularly wrestled for WWE since, where his legal and sobriety issues have been used in storylines.

Hardy has been pretty good since being back. Check out what he can do now that he is healthy again:

Opinion: I have no idea how Hardy is doing with his health and addiction issues but it will likely be a major relief to have all of this stuff behind him. Hardy has said that going to rehab made him a lot better and if that is true then it’s great to hear. Maybe that was what he needed and if he is trying to get better, good for him. Hopefully he can figure things out and get it behind him, because he has a lot of things to take care of once it’s over.

Has Hardy impressed you since his return? What is next for him in WWE? Let us know in the comments below.

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