Keep em coming. WrestleMania 36 is looking like perhaps the most unique wrestling show in a very long time as not only will it take place over two nights, but there may be several matches that do not take place in the arena. That is enough to spark some interest, though there is one more thing that might make it unique: a really, really long list of matches on the show.

The WrestleMania card is growing at a rather crazy pace, partially because the show has two nights instead of the usual one. That can be both a good and bad thing, as it means little will be left out, but at the same time, the show can become overcrowded. That was on display this Monday, as several more matches were officially announced or confirmed for the show.

This week on Monday Night Raw, a pair of matches were confirmed for WrestleMania 36. First up, Elias will face King Corbin. The match has been teased for several weeks now, with Elias singing a song about Corbin, who was not pleased. WrestleMania host Rob Gronkowski suggested the match last week on SmackDown. Later in the show, Randy Orton officially accepted Edge’s challenge to a Last Man Standing match. Edge issued the challenge on last week’s Monday Night Raw.

The matches have been set up. Check out how things got to WrestleMania:

Opinion: This isn’t making things look great for WrestleMania as the show is starting to look like it could easily approach ten hours combined. That’s the last thing that I wanted to see for the show as the regular version is long enough as it is. WrestleMania is supposed to be about the biggest stories and feuds of the year. That may be the case for Edge vs. Orton, but Elias vs. Corbin does not feel like a WrestleMania match no matter what.

Who wins both matches? How many matches will WrestleMania have? Let us know in the comments below.

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