Knockouts Knockdown II
Date: November 7, 2014
Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Attendance: 1,400
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Taz

Somehow this might be one of the last PPVs TNA ever puts on as they only have two more of these taped and have no regular PPV (or TV) dates announced at the moment. The title of this show should tell you everything you need to know. Just like last time, it’s a bunch of qualifying matches and then a gauntlet match for a crown. Let’s get to it.

We open with a package from the biggest names in the competition talking about how they’re the best. A regular music video shows us some highlights from the last few years of Knockouts matches.

Christy Hemme and JB are in the ring to show off the winner’s crown, only to be interrupted by Rockstar Spud. He has a guest host for the night, meaning JB and Christy aren’t needed this evening. The guest hosts is, of course, Ethan Carter III because this was taped way before Spud turned face. Spud is his lovely assistant and is allowed to bring out all of the girls, who don’t get individual entrances. Thankfully they have them line up in the ring for introductions.

We start with Deonna, who is from New Jersey (Spud: “I don’t know what that is.”) and shy. Carter: “Do you want Spud to tickle you?” Next up is Karlee Perez, more famous as Maxine from NXT. Ethan hits on her and Perez says the only position she wants is on top. Havok is third and the fans know her name before she says anything.

Spud knows her name too but he doesn’t think he could take her home to his mother. Next is Mia Yim, a regular on the indy circuit who the fans also seem to know. Ethan: “Mia what’s your sign?” Mia: “The stop sign.” We also have the redhead Veda Scott, who I believe is a regular in ROH. She’s a cat person so Ethan tries to start a cats chant. Matt Hardy’s wife Reby Sky thinks Spud is the only queen in TNA. Spud: “Sir I told you I don’t like girls.” Ethan: “…..moving on!”

Scarlett (Bordeaux) has a drink in her hand and rubs Spud’s face for some reason. Everybody gets a shot if she wins (Ethan: “SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS!”) but Spud shoots the idea down. We wrap it up with Marti Belle, a chick with big hair who hits on Spud. The Rockstar can barely talk so Spud suggests asking her out. We get a closeup of Spud’s face as he looks into the camera and pops his eyebrows in a hilarious shot.

Spud still doesn’t know what to say but Ethan tells him to get to this so they can get married and have little Spud babies. He finally hits on her but can barely get the words out. Spud finally asks her to be his girlfriend and Marti actually says yes. Ethan suggests we get on with the show and we actually run down the card. By that I mean bring out every main roster Knockout to eat up even more time. Here’s the card, complete with an entrance for every Knockout.

Deonna vs. Brooke

Karlee Perez vs. Taryn Terrell

Havok vs. Madison Rayne

Mia Yim vs. Brittany

Veda Scott vs. Gail Kim

Reby Sky vs. Velvet Sky

Scarlett vs. Angelina Love

Marti Belle vs. ODB

Since we haven’t wasted enough time, here’s the end of last year’s gauntlet match to kill more time. Gail Kim eliminated Mickie James to win in case that memorable moment escapes you.

Wait we’re still not ready to go. Let’s get a package on Kim in there first. I’m assuming all of the regular Knockouts will get one of these so I won’t mention them unless they don’t happen or unless something important happens.

Veda Scott vs. Gail Kim

Taz: “It’s time!” Tenay: “It’s time?” Taz: “IT’S VEDA TIME!” I have a feeling the comedy isn’t topping that all night. Wait, let’s wait for Gail to high five all the fans and kiss her husband. We finally get the opening bell nearly half an hour into the show. Scott is kind of like Bayley from NXT as the biggest fan ever, only to sucker Gail in for a shot to the face. Gail throws her into the corner and gets two off a spinning cross body.

We get a breather as Veda is out on the floor, only to have her snap the back of Gail’s neck across the top rope for two. A middle rope clothesline gets two on Gail as the announcers discuss Veda’s sex appeal. Veda cranks on an armbar for a few seconds before Hebner breaks it up for a hair pull. Now the announcers babble about baseball as Veda pulls on Gail’s hair from a camel clutch position.

Back to a kind of reverse cross armbreaker from Veda until Gail rolls out and grabs a half crab. Scott rolls out and slaps Gail a few times but jumps into a kick to the ribs. Gail bounces back up and nails a quick missile dropkick for two before Eat Defeat sends Gail to the gauntlet at 7:35.

Result: Gail Kim b. Veda Scott – Eat Defeat (7:35)

Scarlett puts her drink down to say she’s more than just a party girl, and if you cross her she’ll rip your throat off and do a body shot off you when she’s done.

The Beautiful People think the newcomers are all ugly. Velvet can’t handle thinking about it and they laugh off their opponents for tonight.

Scarlett vs. Angelina Love

Before the match, the Beautiful People think Scarlett is happy to be here because she’s dressed like one of them. Angelina thinks she could be a good third member and show her how to shake it, only to have Love jump her to get things going. Love keeps the mic and talks trash while stomping on Scarlett but thankfully stops soon. A side slam gets two on Scarlett and we hit the chinlock. Love slowly walks around before throwing Scarlett outside for a stomping from Sky. Back in and Scarlett fight back before “hitting” a Codebreaker. She goes after Velvet though and eats the Botox Injection for the pin at 4:50.

Result: Angelina Love b. Scarlett – Botox Injection (4:50)

Reby Sky, who looks a good bit like Trish Stratus, says she’s here to beat the girl to become the girl. Ethan Carter comes up to hit on her again and gets blown off.

Reby Sky vs. Velvet Sky

The bell rings but we have to stop for Velvet to check her hair. She quickly takes Reby down and rubs her face into the mat until Reby comes back with some forearms. She avoid a charging Velvet and there’s the required spank. A baseball slide sends Velvet into Angelina but Love trips Reby up to take over.

Velvet screams in her face a lot and stomps away in the corner for two. Velvet misses a charge in the corner but shoves Reby down into the splits. Back up and a double clothesline puts both girls down. Reby gets up first and nails a few kicks to the face but Love gets on the apron to distract the referee. Hairspray goes into Velvet’s eyes by mistake though, allowing Reby to grab a rollup for the pin at 7:18.

Result: Reby Sky b. Velvet Sky – Rollup (7:18)

Havok is here to dominate. She’s actually talking here and has a full head of hair.

Jessica Havok vs. Madison Rayne

Madison mocks Havok (without the eye paint) to start and is launched across the ring like a feather. Some forearms get Madison nowhere as Havok drops her with a shot to the ribs. Havok rolls outside but easily catches Madison’s dive. Madison is sent into the steps and gets beaten up even more back inside. A bearhug has Madison in even more trouble but Havok makes it even worse by lifting her into the air for a full nelson.

Havok sends her down in the corner again but misses a charge. Madison comes back with some kicks to the ribs and the side of the head to knock her outside. Now the dive off the top takes Havok down but Madison runs into a boot back inside. Madison goes to the middle rope and hits a quick spear for the win at 8:33.

Result: Madison Rayne b. Jessica Havok – Middle rope spear (8:33)

Taryn Terrell says the Last Knockout Standing and ladder matches were nothing compared to what she’ll do tonight.

Taryn’s video is much more a Terrell vs. Kim video than just about her.

Taryn Terrell vs. Karlee Perez

Before the match Karlee says everything about Taryn is fake and gets slapped in the face to start things off. Karlee drives knees into her back and puts on a chinlock. Off to a full nelson for a bit before Taryn comes back with a sunset flip for two. Karlee kicks her in the head for the same but Taryn grabs the hair for some flips to take over. Perez grabs a crucifix, only to be driven into the corner, setting up an RKO to give Terrell the pin at 4:32.

Result: Taryn Terrell b. Karlee Perez – RKO (4:32)

Video on the Knockouts swimsuit calendar.

Mia Yim was here last year but promises to make a better impact this year.

Mia Yim vs. Brittany

Brittany grabs a wristlock to start and actually nails a headbutt. Yim grabs the ropes ala Manik and ducks a charge, sending Brittany out to the floor. That earns her a trip from Brittany to send Mia face first into the apron. A suicide dive takes Yim out again for two but she comes back with an ankle lock to take over. Brittany comes back with a Last Chancery which they don’t call a Last Chancery because it’s move infringement and Aries might shove his crotch into someone’s face.

Taz makes more sex jokes as Yim fakes Brittany out and dropkicks her down for two. Some weak looking strikes have Brittany in trouble but she comes back with a Fujiwara armbar to make Mia slap the mat a lot. That’s not tapping out for reasons that are unclear but my guess is that it’s not the finish. A handspring elbow nails Mia in the corner but she counters a Stratusphere attempt with a bunch of forearms and a missile dropkick gets two. Yim gets slammed off the top but avoids a handspring moonsault. A quick rolling cradle is enough to pin Brittany at 6:51.

Result: Mia Yim b. Brittany – Rolling cradle (6:51)

Deonna vs. Brooke

No idea who Deonna is but she looks nervous. We keep up the talking theme tonight with Brooke insulting the crowd and mocking Deonna’s gear, which is basically just shiny workout gear. Deonna admits that Brooke is better in every aspect than her, but at least she isn’t a wench. A quick rollup attempt gets two for Deonna and Brooke bails to the floor, saying she wasn’t ready. Back in and Brooke takes over as the announcers debate the meaning of “wench”.

A slam sends Brooke back to the floor but Deonna goes after her this time, only to get kicked in the face for her efforts. Brooke grabs the mic again and calls herself mama before talking trash. Now the announcers make jokes about throwing each other out, marking the first good idea they’ve had all night. Brooke stomps away in the corner and the Stinkface hits shoulder. Deonna avoids a middle rope elbow and both girls are down. Some low speed Irish whips send Brooke into the corner and a suplex gets two. Brooke’s cheating rollup is caught but the Tesshocker ends Deonna a few seconds later at 7:31.

Result: Brooke b. Deonna – Tesshocker (7:31)

Gail Kim did a photo shoot for Muscle and Fitness. More filler.

ODB doesn’t know much about Marti Belle but says bring her on. Spud comes in and says he’ll be in Belle’s corner tonight.

Marti Belle vs. ODB

Spud finally brings himself to give Marti a kiss on the cheek. A quick chest bump puts Marti down in the corner and ODB sends her into the buckle. ODB spends too much time yelling at Spud though and gets dropkicked out to the floor. Taz starts singing Like A Virgin as ODB gets knocked back off the apron.

Back in and ODB misses a top rope dive and gets choked on the ropes. An abdominal stretch doesn’t get Marti anywhere as the announcers are talking about Man O War (a famous racehorse in case you’re unfamiliar) for no apparent reason. ODB comes back with a Bronco Buster and the fall away slam connects, only to have Spud hook her leg to give Marti a small package for the pin at 6:14.

Result: Marti Belle b. ODB – Small package (6:14)

Belle breaks up with Spud post match in the most interesting thing she’s done all night. Spud: “WE WERE GOING TO BE TOGETHER FOREVER! WE WERE IN A RELATIONSHIP ON FACEBOOK!” ODB cracks up and Spud says he hates women. Spud makes another match right now.

ODB vs. Rockstar Spud

Spud gets shoved down to start but he sends her face first into the buckle to take over. For some reason Spud starts ripping off his clothes, earning him some hard chops to the chest. Another Broco Buster connects and Spud loses his pants, revealing some small, stained underwear. The Bam finally ends Spud at 3:22.

Result: ODB b. Rockstar Spud – Bam (3:22)

We recap the evening to eat up even more time.

Gauntlet Match

Royal Rumble style with two minute intervals. Gail Kim is #1 and Brooke is in at #2. Kim hammers away to start but gets sent hard into the corner to put her on the mat. Gail comes back with more forearms until Mia Yim is in at #3. Mia takes out Brooke but walks into a double clothesline from Gail, allowing the announcers to rhyme Yim and Kim far more often than necessary.

Reby Sky is in at #4 for some clotheslines of her own until Gail tries to dump her over the corner. Angelina Love is in at #5 as this is one of the most boring battle royals I’ve ever seen so far. Gail sends Reby shoulder first into the post and goes right after Angelina as she comes in. Everyone goes after Angelina as the announcers keep rhyming for no apparent reason. Love gets knocked to the apron but hangs on. Instead she dumps Reby to clean the ring out a bit as Madison Rayne is in at #6.

Gail and Mia fight in the corner until Marti Belle is in at #7. All six girls in the ring get knocked down as this match is just dying. Taryn Terrell is in at #8 as there is just nothing going on between these entrances. Taryn throws out Belle and Gail dumps Brooke. Love tosses Terrell as the ring is suddenly a lot more empty. Angelina knocks Gail out and Rayne gets double teamed. The Botox Injection hits Marti by mistake, allowing Madison to dump her as well.

So it’s Love vs. Rayne in a one on one match now with pins and submissions. Love runs to the back because this show WON’T FREAKING END. Madison chases after her and winds up kicking both Beautiful People through the entrance. Back in and Sky trips Rayne down as the announcers start ripping on the referee. Love puts on a full nelson with her legs but gets caught in a sunset flip out of the corner for two. Off to a chinlock from Love before Madison fights out to ram Angelina face first into the mat a few times. Sky grabs the hairspray but blasts her partner by mistake, allowing Rayne to spear Love for the pin at 22:08.

Result: Madison Rayne won a gauntlet match last eliminating Angelina Love (22:08)

Madison is awarded the crown with Gail Kim coming out to award it to her to end the show.


Gail Kim b. Veda Scott – Eat Defeat

Angelina Love b. Scarlett – Botox Injection

Reby Sky b. Velvet Sky – Rollup

Madison Rayne b. Jessica Havok – Middle rope spear

Taryn Terrell b. Karlee Perez – RKO

Mia Yim b. Brittany – Rolling cradle

Brooke b. Deonna – Tesshocker

Marti Belle b. ODB – Small package

ODB b. Rockstar Spud – Bam

Madison Rayne won a gauntlet match last eliminating Angelina Love

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