That’s going to keep people talking. There are very few figures as controversial in wrestling today as Enzo Amore. While his in-ring prowess may not have been the best received, he was second to very few at keeping himself out there. No matter what Amore did, he was going to get people talking and that is a great thing to have as a wrestler. However, not everyone was so thrilled with him and it makes for a good story.

Last year, Amore appeared in the crowd at Survivor Series 2018 in Los Angeles, though he was taken out by security in a hurry. The moment was not acknowledged on WWE TV, though it can be hard off camera in the crowd. Amore was taken backstage and nearly arrested over the incident, but it certainly got people talking. This included WWE, who made a move to deal with such a thing in the future.

Amore was a guest on a recent edition of Talk Is Jericho and said that following the appearance at Survivor Series, WWE posted photos of Amore at the next night’s Monday Night Raw, saying that he was not allowed to enter the arena. A company wide memo was also sent out, telling everyone to avoid contact with Amore. There is no word on if this policy is still in place.

Amore didn’t last long at Survivor Series. Check out his quick appearance:

Opinion: I might be in the minority on this one but I could go a long time without ever having to see Amore involved in wrestling again. Anytime he’s around, he turns into the guy getting more attention than almost anyone else and it gets annoying. Hopefully he doesn’t come back again as while he does get attention on himself, it might not be the best thing for everyone else.

What do you think of Amore? Will he ever wrestle in another major company? Let us know in the comments below.

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