Survivor Series 2021
Date: November 21, 2021
Location: Barclays Center, New York City, New York
Commentators: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Jimmy Smith, Byron Saxton, Pat McAfee

I’m running out of ways to say this show isn’t that interesting, but it seems that even some of the wrestlers are thinking the same. This is another Battle For Brand Supremacy and this time around we’ll be seeing more champions fighting each other. Not for any titles mind you, but for the glory of their t-shirt. Let’s get to it.

Kickoff Show: Shinsuke Nakamura (Smackdown) vs. Damian Priest (Raw)

Non-title and Rick Boogs is here with Nakamura. Priest grabs a hammerlock to start but Nakamura fights up thanks to the power of a guitar solo. Back up and Nakamura mocks Priest’s arrow before sending him into the corner for Good Vibrations, again complete with the guitar. Priest runs Nakamura over for two and an elbow the face gets the same. We hit the chinlock so Boogs plays him back up, earning a warning from Priest.

Back up and Nakamura kicks Priest down, setting up his array of strikes to the face. Nakamura goes up but dives into a spinwheel kick. Now it’s Priest firing off his own strikes, including throwing Nakamura into the air for a shot to the back. The Broken Arrow gets two but Nakamura is back up with a spinning kick to the face. Kinshasa misses though and Priest grabs a rollup for two.

Priest’s springboard is cut off with a knee strike for two but Kinshasa is countered into South of Heaven for a good near fall. The Reckoning is countered so Priest pulls him into a triangle choke. That’s enough to make Boogs play again, which draws Priest outside to break the guitar. McAfee: “YOU SON OF A B****! YOU SON OF A B****!” Nakamura goes out to save Boogs and gets hit with the broken guitar for the DQ at 9:21.

Result: Shinsuke Nakamura b. Damian Priest via DQ when Priest hit Nakamura with a broken guitar (9:21)

Smackdown – 1
Raw – 0

The opening video ties into the Rock’s Netflix movie Red Notice and focuses on a battle to be the better show.

We recap Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch, which is presented as a personal battle between two people with a deep history. They both want to be the best and then there was the whole title exchange, which led to a backstage issue which has been hinted at but never directly referenced. Charlotte talked about how Becky keeps screwing up at the big points while Becky is sick of Charlotte’s ego.

Becky Lynch (Raw) vs. Smackdown (Charlotte).

Non-title. Charlotte shoves her into the corner to start as they’re going very aggressive. Natural Selection misses so Becky grabs the Disarn-Her early. Becky kicks her in the face but gets speared down so they can brawl out to the floor. Charlotte is sent into the barricade and takes her time to get back inside, where Becky stomps away. A backbreaker cuts Becky off and Charlotte kicks her in the back to give them both a breather.

There’s another kick to the face and Charlotte sends her into the post. Charlotte’s moonsault off the top is broken up though, with Charlotte crashing down into the barricade. Back up and Charlotte knocks her down again before they get back inside to slap it out. Charlotte knocks her down but can’t crush Lynch’s leg in the corner. Becky goes for the arm but Charlotte powerbombs her down for two.

Back up and Lynch unloads in the corner with kicks and stomps, only to have the Bexploder blocked. Instead Charlotte Bexploders her into the corner. The double jump moonsault gives Charlotte two but Becky is back up with some shots to the face. Charlotte snaps her throat across the top gets pummeled again, setting up Lynch’s middle rope legdrop to the back of the head for her own two. Charlotte slips out of a double armbar and elbows Lynch in the face for another near fall.

A big boot gets two more on Becky, who comes back with a reverse layout DDT. Becky unloads with more right hands and the Manhandle Slam gets two, with the foot on the rope saving Charlotte. The Figure Four has Charlotte in trouble so they slap it out until they turn it over into the ropes for the break.

Becky rolls outside and Charlotte moonsaults down onto her (or the general vicinity) to drop her in a hurry. Back in and Charlotte grabs a Dis-Arm Her, sending Becky straight to the ropes. Charlotte grabs a rollup with the rope for two but Becky does the same and grabs the rope as well for the pin at 18:35.

Result: Becky Lynch b. Charlotte – Rollup with a grab of the ropes (18:35)

Raw – 1
Smackdown – 1

We look at the Rock debuting at Survivor Series.

We look at Drew McIntyre’s rise and fall and second rise in WWE.

Raw Men vs. Smackdown Men

Raw: Bobby Lashley, Austin Theory, Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins
Smackdown: King Woods, Jeff Hardy, Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, Happy Corbin

Woods starts for Smackdown but Owens and Rollins get in an argument over who gets to face him. Owens eventually gets the nod and is all fired up….so he rolls out to the floor and walks out for the countout at 53 seconds. McIntyre jumps Rollins from behind on the floor as Woods pulls Theory in. A running dropkick to the back gets two on Theory and McIntyre tags himself in to toss Theory hard into the corner. Sheamus comes in for a chop that is so loud that it has McAfee losing it even more than usual.

Now Corbin gets to add a right hand but Theory kicks him in the ribs and brings Rollins in. Corbin runs him over and hands it off to Hardy as the fast tags are continuing. Rollins is fine enough to get over to Balor, who gets hammered into the corner as well. Everything breaks down in a hurry and Corbin hits a heck of a chokeslam on Theory. Corbin misses a charge into the post though and an enziguri sets up the Coup de Grace for the elimination at 7:50 to tie it up.

Hardy comes in to atomic drop Balor, setting up the basement dropkick. Balor is able to get over to Rollins to drive Hardy into the corner though and Lashley is up with a running shoulder in the corner. Hardy gets sat on top where he has to elbow Rollins and Balor away. That means a double Whisper in the Wind to take them both down in a heap. With everyone down, Lashley slips around and pulls McIntyre down for a posting. Theory comes in and works on Hardy, who gets over to Woods in a hurry. Woods gets to clean house but Lashley crotches him on top, setting up the spear and the Hurt Lock to get rid of Woods at 13:46.

Everything breaks down again, with Balor and Rollins hitting stereo Sling Blades on Sheamus and Hardy. Some dives to the floor leave Lashley and Hardy in the ring as McIntyre pulls himself up and tags Hardy. They stare each other down and slug it out with McIntyre getting the better of things off a clothesline. Lashley gets sent outside, where McIntyre can’t quite post him. They fight over the barricade and it’s a double countout for the double elimination at 16:45.

So we’re down to Hardy/Sheamus vs. Theory/Balor/Rollins. Lashley and McIntyre aren’t done though and McIntyre hits a Claymore in the ring before yelling a lot. Rollins gets up and mocks McIntyre for the elimination, earning himself a Glasgow Kiss so Sheamus can get two. Balor comes back in for the Sling Blade and shotgun dropkick but the Coup de Grace misses. Instead it’s the Brogue Kick to get rid of Balor at 19:57, leaving it 2-2.

Rollins comes in to take Sheamus down and we hit the chinlock. That’s broken up and it’s back to Hardy to pick the pace back up. A middle rope splash gets two on Rollins as everything breaks down again. Sheamus plays Matt in Poetry In Motion to both guys, followed by White Noise to Rollins. Theory offers a distraction though so Rollins can get two off a superkick. Hardy gets pulled off the apron though and Theory rolls Sheamus up for the pin (with trunks) at 25:06.

The frustrated Sheamus clotheslines Hardy so Rollins can add a frog splash for two. Hardy is back up and knocks Theory off the top, setting up the Swanton to tie it up at 27:26. Rollins gets back in and yells at Hardy, who tries a Twist of Fate but settles for two off a Russian legsweep. Rollins knocks him right back down for two more but the Stomp is blocked. Hardy goes up top for the Swanton but only hits knees, allowing Rollins to hit the Stomp for the win at 30:19.

Result: Raw Men b. Smackdown Men – Stomp to Hardy (30:19)

Raw – 2
Smackdown – 1

Earlier today, Vince McMahon arrived in a limo with a golden egg as a tie in to the Red Notice movie.

The Rock won the WWF Title at Survivor Series 1998.

Roman Reigns comes in to see Vince McMahon, who brags about the golden egg, which was given to him by the Rock. Vince recap’s Rock’s early days in the company and brags about the egg, which is worth MILLIONS……AND MILLIONS. Reigns: “I guess as much as my next contract.” Then he leaves.

Battle Royal

Sami Zayn, Commander Azeez, Apollo Crews, Angel, Humberto, Ivar, Erik, AJ Styles, Otis, Chad Gable, Angelo Dawkins, Omos, Montez Ford, T-Bar, Shelton Benjamin, Shanky, Robert Roode, R-Truth, Ricochet, Mansoor, Jinder Mahal, Drew Gulak, Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro

Only some of them get entrances, including the Street Profits, who deliver some pizzas to Cole and Graves (not Saxton). Styles bails straight to the floor (without being eliminated and stands on the announcers’ table. Omos tosses Angel, Gulak and Benjamin in a hurry as R-Truth stops for some pizza. Truth offers Omos the pizza but he isn’t interested, so let’s try Otis instead.

Otis eats the pizza and then gets rid of Truth, setting up the showdown with Omos. This goes badly for Otis, who gets clotheslined out in a hurry. Ricochet dropkicks T-Bar out and Mansoor gets rid of Alexander. The ring is cleared out a bit and Angel, Mahal and Ivar being tossed makes it even emptier. Shanky and Omos have their big showdown and Omos gets rid of him in a hurry.

Mansoor goes after Ziggler and Roode but gets catapulted out for his efforts. Omos tosses Roode so Ziggler tries to make peace, earning himself the Phenomenal Forearm from AJ. Sami tries to rally the Smackdown troops, gets knocked down and tossed. Omos clotheslines Azeez out so AJ yells at him, setting off a tug of war between Azeez and Styles.

Crews goes after Omos, allowing AJ to be eliminated as well. The ticked off Omos tosses Crews with ease so it’s everyone else jumping Crews at once. Omos fights off the group elimination attempt and tosses Dawkins and Cesaro. Ford slaps Omos in the face and gets eliminated, leaving us with Omos vs. Ricochet. Omos isn’t about to have any of that and tosses Ricochet out for the win at 10:13.

Result: Omos won a battle royal last eliminating Ricochet (10:13)

Raw – 3
Smackdown – 1

Post match, the Street Profits steal the pizza and throw it into the crowd.

The Rock won the 2000 Royal Rumble.

Usos (Smackdown) vs. RKBro (Raw)

Non-title. Riddle gets taken into the corner early on but comes back out with the swinging gutwrench suplexes. It’s off to Orton to tease the RKO on Jimmy as we hear about Orton’s OVW days. We settle down to Orton being driven into the corner but he comes out with a shot to the face.

The assisted Floating Bro hits Jey for two and Riddle flip dives onto Jey on the floor. Jimmy gets in a cheap shot though and Riddle gets sent into the barricade to put him in trouble for a change. Back in and the double teaming ensues, even though Riddle manages a kick to the head. Jimmy pulls him back into a chinlock to keep him in trouble for all of a few seconds before getting taken down again.

Riddle fights up in the corner but it’s a double superkick to Orton. The basement double superkick rocks Riddle for two but he gets in a kick to the head. Orton tags himself in but gets kicked to the floor, with Jimmy not knowing about the tag. Jimmy goes up for the Superfly Splash to Jimmy but lands in an RKO to give Orton the pin at 14:45.

Result: RKBro b. Usos- RKO to Jimmy (14:45)

Raw – 4
Smackdown – 1

Someone has stolen Vince McMahon’s golden egg, which he claims is worth $100 million. Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville are tasked with getting it back.

Xia Li video.

Raw Women vs. Smackdown Women

Raw: Queen Zelina, Carmella, Bianca Belair, Rhea Ripley, Liv Morgan
Smackdown: Natalya, Shayna Baszler, Toni Storm, Shotzi, Sasha Banks

Carmella starts with Storm but hold on as she needs to put on her mask. Vega comes in to stomp on Storm as the mask goes on but it’s back to Carmella in a hurry. Ripley isn’t pleased, allowing Storm to roll Carmella up for the elimination at 1:08. Storm hands it off to Banks to face Belair, but it’s Shotzi coming in instead. Belair takes her down in a hurry and stomps away before Natalya and Morgan come in. Natalya powers her down to start but Morgan hits her with a basement dropkick. That’s enough to bring Ripley in, as Vega is still waving on the apron.

Natalya fights up and gets over to Shayna for a double suplex on Ripley. It’s too early to stomp on Ripley’s arm so Baszler settles for the gutwrench faceplant for two instead. The cross armbreaker is blocked and everything breaks down as the fans are doing the Wave. Baszler’s Kirifuda Clutch is broken up by Rhea dropping back onto her, allowing the double tag to Banks and Belair.

They slug it out until Belair gets sent into the corner so she can moonsault over Banks. That’s fine with Banks, who pulls her into the Bank Statement. Belair makes the rope and hits a fall away slam but Natalya accidentally gets knocked off the ropes. That means a grand total of nothing as Banks hits a double springboard tornado DDT as the rest of the match seems to have fallen into a hole.

Belair grabs a spinebuster for two but the KOD is countered by a grab of the hair. Vega comes in with Belair tossing her at Banks for two but the Code Red is blocked. Storm tags herself in and knees Vega in the face for the elimination at 14:07. Morgan comes in and rolls Storm up for two but Baszler comes in for the save without the tag. That’s broken up as well though and Oblivion finishes Storm at 15:14.

Baszler comes in legally this time and knocks Ripley off the apron before putting on the Kirifuda Clutch. Morgan is down so Shotzi tags herself in, setting up a frog splash. Banks does the same and her frog splash eliminates Morgan at 16:28. Ripley comes in to headbutt Banks and then walks her around the ring for a vertical suplex. Shotzi comes back in and gets suplexed down but Baszler knees Ripley in the face for the pin at 18:00.

That leaves Belair vs. Natalya/Shotzi/Baszler/Banks so it’s a rollup for two on Natalya. Banks runs Belair over but Shotzi and Banks get in an argument and wind up on the floor. Banks shoves Shotzi into Baszler so the fight is on again, with Natalya getting slapped as well. The rest of the team tries to keep Banks out of the ring and…apparently succeeds as she is counted out at 20:07, despite being mostly in the ring.

Back in and the Sharpshooter goes on but Belair reverses and rolls Natalya up for the pin at 21:23. A Glam Slam gets rid of Baszler at 22:00 and it’s Shotzi vs. Belair. Shotzi sends her throat first into the ropes for a running hip attack and two more. A missed charge sets up the KOD to give Belair the pin at 23:15.

Result: Raw Women b. SmackDown Women – KOD to Shotzi (23:15)

Raw – 5

Smackdown – 1

The Rock and Becky Lynch beat up Baron Corbin the night Smackdown debuted on FOX.

Paul Heyman isn’t sure who stole the egg but thinks it was someone from Brooklyn. He makes fun of Brooklyn but gets a lot more serious upon hearing that Brock Lesnar’s suspension is up. Heyman isn’t happy about this and blames Adam Pearce.

Video on Bobby Lashley, including his path up through the WWE ranks.

We recap Big E. vs. Roman Reigns. Big E. became WWE Champion for his first major solo success but Reigns started attacking his New Day teammates. Now it’s serious Big E. coming after Reigns and we’re in for a fight.

Big E. (Raw) vs. Roman Reigns (Smackdown)

Non-title. Big E. powers him into the corner to start so Reigns takes a breather on the floor. Back in and Reigns hits the jumping clothesline and hammers away, with Big E. looking like he needs to think twice about this. Big E. powers up to knock Reigns down but the apron splash only hits apron. The crash seems to have caused Big E. to bang up his knee so Reigns puts on a chinlock.

With that going nowhere, Reigns goes more practical with a running big boot for two instead. Reigns is getting frustrated and takes it outside for a posting but Big E. sends him hard into the steps. Back in and Big E. hits the Warrior Splash but charges into a Samoan drop for two. Reigns charges into the Rock Bottom out of the corner so Big E. tries the Stretch Muffler, which is countered into a sitout powerbomb for another near fall.

The Superman Punch misses so Reigns hits a Rock Bottom to put them both down again. Reigns is back up for a pair of Superman Punches but Big E. keeps fighting back. A third Superman Punch rocks him again but Big E. sends him to the apron for the spear to the floor. Back in and Reigns hits his own spear for two and frustration has set in. Reigns talks a lot of trash but his guillotine choke is broken up.

Another spear through the ropes is countered and Reigns grabs another guillotine over the ropes. The choke in the middle of the ring is countered into the Big Ending to give Big E. two as Reigns makes the rope. They head outside with Reigns managing another Superman Punch. Back in and Reigns goes back to the bad knee and hits a spear for the very sudden pin at 22:24.

Result: Roman Reigns b. Big E. – Spear (22:24)

Raw – 5
Smackdown – 2

Becky Lynch b. Charlotte – Rollup with a grab of the rope
Raw Men b. Smackdown Men – Stomp to Hardy
Omos won a battle royal last eliminating Ricochet
RKBro b. Usos – RKO to Jimmy
Raw Women b. Smackdown Women – KOD to Shotzi
Roman Reigns b. Big E. – Spear


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