Maybe it can help. There are some instances where you may think a wrestler is a lost cause and in some cases they seem rather close. It can be so frustrating to see someone who seems so talented and yet they are stuck doing something ridiculous or wasting their time. That has been the case for a few months now on SmackDown, but something has been changed that might be just what was needed.

Back in October 2019, Chad Gable officially changed his name to Shorty G., which was nothing more than being repackaged based on a short joke. As you might have guessed, this really did not work out very well as Gable, who can talk rather well and is a former Olympian, probably deserves a bit more than this. For some reason that is not the case, but things are changing again.

This week on SmackDown, Shorty G. turned heel by joining forces with King Corbin against Matt Riddle. Corbin had issued an offer for what he called the King’s Ransom, offering to pay anyone who would help him against Riddle. During the show, Riddle attacked Corbin but Shorty G. made the save. This comes after Corbin was the one who started the short jokes that led to Gable’s name change in the first place.

He got in his head. Check out Corbin’s sales pitch:

Opinion: I’m going to need to see a lot more of this as it does not sound like the most appealing idea. After all those months of Gable being left sitting on the sidelines or being stuck with that horrible name, we get him throwing up his hands and going with it for a payoff? That’s the best WWE has for him? That alone should explain how bad things are getting and how out of touch WWE seems at the moment.

What do you think of the turn? Will it help Gable in the long run? Let us know in the comments below.

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