What could have been. Celebrities have been a part of WrestleMania throughout the event’s history. You will almost always see some sort of celebrity involvement at the show and it can be fascinating to see someone come into the wrestling world. It can make for some interesting moments, and now we have an idea of what one celebrity could have done to make his WrestleMania appearance a special one.

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During a recent edition of his Turnbuckles podcast, former WWE and Tonight Show writer Jon Rineman discussed Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon possibly hosting WrestleMania 34 in 2018. There had been discussions, but everything ultimately fell through and Fallon did not appear. However, ideas were discussed, including John Cena putting a sign on Fallon’s back saying “I WANT A MATCH”. Fallon would have then bumped into Vince McMahon, who would put Fallon in an impromptu match. The match would have seen Fallon dress up as Hawk from the Legion of Doom and team with Animal, with the two performing the Doomsday Device finishing move.

Another possible idea would have seen Kane and Braun Strowman interrupting Fallon’s opening monologue, resulting in the New Day making the save. There is no word on if Fallon would be considered for a future role at WrestleMania, including next year’s edition, which will take place near Hollywood.

This could be interesting. Check out who Fallon could have been working with:

Opinion: This is the kind of thing that I could have easily seen taking place and that would not be a bad thing. Fallon is someone who could have been tied into WrestleMania without much trouble and I’m sure WWE would have loved to see the show promoted on Fallon’s Tonight Show. That is some serious publicity and if WWE can make it happen in the future, I’m sure they will try.

What do you think of the pitches? Who would make a good celebrity WrestleMania host? Let us know in the comments below.

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