You knew this was coming. The internet has changed the way wrestling world and that may or may not be a good thing. Back in the day, if someone said something away from the public eye, it was unlikely that it would ever see the light of day. Now though, the public eye is almost everywhere and wrestlers are able to say a lot of things to each other in a hurry. That was a bit more serious this time around.

Last week, Jim Cornette talked about Becky Lynch’s pregnancy on his podcast. Cornette was not exactly a fan, saying that he couldn’t believe one of the top stars in wrestling would do such a thing at the peak of their career. While he did not oppose the idea of Lynch and her fiance Seth Rollins having a baby, he did not seem to care for the timing. As you might have expected, Rollins replied.

Rollins was a guest on this week’s After The Bell podcast and responded to Cornette’s comments. During the interview, Rollins said that he was surprised by the comments and that they hurt him on a personal level. He and Cornette had worked together in Ring of Honor and Rollins did not understand why Cornette would say such things. Rollins said that he did not forgive Cornette for his comments.

Here are his comments in full, with transcription courtesy of

“Yeah a little bit, and you know what? It actually came from one of the more unlikeliest of sources, and I don’t really want to take too much time to get into it because I don’t want to focus on it, but it hurt my feelings on a personal level because Jim Cornette is someone who’s a legend in our industry. And he’s someone that I personally worked with in my time at Ring of Honor, and for him to come out and say some real negative things, some real misogynist things about women in general and pregnancy and the industry, it kind of caught me off guard. And it made me lose a lot of respect for someone who a lot of people had already kind of lost respect for, and I was still holding on to hope that somewhere along the line, there was a personal connection between Jim and I that he would think twice before making just some egregious comments about women, about my wife. I can’t even forgive them. I don’t even want to repeat them.

“Just from a grander scale, the mindset that has to go into that needs to be eradicated all around. It’s just so disgusting, and the more I sat in thought about it and talked about it, I knew we had this appearance coming up and we’re going to have this conversation, I wanted to address it because I want to make it very clear that I am so proud of my fiance, of Becky, of what she’s doing in the courage that it takes for her, at this point in her career, to make a decision. She’s 33 years old. So once you hit 35 for women, you start running risks with these pregnancies. So she made an incredibly tough decision. She went out there on national television. She had to say things the way she wanted to do. The fact of the matter is she is the most talented woman I’ve ever seen in my entire life, and she’s going to be just fine being pregnant, making money, doing alright. So everything that Jim Cornette said is complete nonsense. Not just for her but for women all around the globe. Honestly, for the most part, aside from what we just discussed, it’s been extremely positive, and I think everybody’s just really happy for us.”

Can you blame him for being mad? Check out Cornette’s comments, plus some of Rollins and Lynch:

Opinion: How else could Rollins react? Other than losing his mind and ranting and raving, this is the kind of thing that doesn’t need to be said. I can understand the idea of Lynch losing a big part of the best years of her career, but there is something a lot more important than that going on here. Lynch did what she wanted to do and that is what she should have done. Wrestling will be there later, but this might not be and that’s what matters.

What did you think of Cornette’s comments? Or of Rollins’ response? Let us know in the comments below.

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