That’s off limits. This year’s Money in the Bank match certainly was one for the books. Rather than the traditional ladder matches for the men and the women, both of them took place at the same time. That’s not all though as there was another big time twist to the match: it took place inside of WWE Headquarters in Connecticut. You knew things were going to be different, but one thing didn’t happen that you might have expected.

WWE has been headquartered at Titan Towers for decades now and the building has been seen several times over the years in various advertisements and moments. It is the central nervous system for WWE and that means there is a lot going on there every single day. Perhaps the most important aspect is Vince McMahon works out of the building every day. We got to see inside his office on Sunday but nothing happened. Why was that the case?

According to, the reason McMahon’s office was not trashed was due to the dinosaur skull on his wall. The real skull was a gift from Triple H and McMahon did not want to risk damaging it. The skull has been removed from McMahon’s office and has been seen on display at Axxess. Rather than trashing the office, Bryan and Styles came into the office and brawled a bit before McMahon threw them out.

It’s quite an office. Check out how the fight went into McMahon’s inner sanctum:

Opinion: It was a moment that almost had to happen in the match and thankfully they did what they should have done. McMahon is still the king of wrestling and seeing him in his own personal area is one of the cooler things that the match offered. That is as special of a place as you can get in the building as you can imagine the deals that have been made there. And the skull was cool for a bonus.

What did you think of the match? Should the office have been trashed? Let us know in the comments below.

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