He’s kind of the one in charge. Earlier this year, WWE brought in a pair of new names to run Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live. Paul Heyman has taken the reins of Monday Night Raw and Eric Bischoff is running SmackDown Live. However, at the end of the day, McMahon is still in charge of everything and that was made clear this week when a decision had to be made.

According to Sportskeeda.com, the decision to bring Brock Lesnar to this week’s SmackDown Live was made by McMahon himself with Bischoff having no say in the move. At the same time, the segment involving Lesnar and Paul Heyman returning was scripted by Heyman himself, which suggests that Bischoff does not have a high level of authority or decision making on the show. There is no word on how much influence Bischoff actually has on SmackDown Live.

Bischoff may not be doing so well at the moment but he has a big reputation. Check out a discussion of him, with the title saying it all:


Opinion: Is this really surprising to anyone? McMahon is ultimately going to run WWE to the highest extent possible until the day he dies and everyone knows it. While Heyman seems to be getting some more authority over on Monday Night Raw, Bischoff appears to be little more than the latest name there to handle whatever McMahon decides to do. That isn’t the worst place to be, but it also isn’t the highest position in the world.

Does any of this surprise you? How long will Bischoff last with the company? Let us know in the comments below.

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