It would be a different way to go. For some reason, mixed martial artists tend to do very well when they step into professional wrestling. Maybe it is the grappling and striking that give them an edge, plus the experience of getting inside of a ring surrounded by a crowd. There are several wrestlers in many different promotions who have made the transition, but that doesn’t mean they like each other.

The WWE has certainly had a high level of success when it comes to bringing in mixed martial artists. The best example would likely be Ronda Rousey, who came into wrestling and took it by storm in just over a year’s time. Then there is Matt Riddle, who took to the independent circuit like a natural and was signed to WWE in a hurry. The most famous though is Brock Lesnar (who isn’t quite the same as the other two), but someone else in WWE doesn’t think much of him.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Lesnar and Riddle got into a verbal altercation before Sunday’s Royal Rumble event went on the air. While the altercation did not turn physical, it was said to be a tense situation. This was the first time the two had met in person, though Riddle has spoken at length about wanting to be the person to retire Lesnar. There is no word on any future match between the two at the moment. Riddle and Lesnar were both in the Royal Rumble though not at the same time.

Riddle and Lesnar work in different ways. Check out some of their handiwork:

Opinion: This is one of the weirder stories that keeps going on and on. I’m not sure what Riddle is trying to do as I can’t imagine him getting a match with Lesnar anytime soon, so what’s the point? Then again, Riddle has always seemed to march to his own drum and maybe it’s just him having fun. That being said, Lesnar might not agree and that may not be something Riddle wants to pursue.

Do you think Riddle is taking this too far? Would you want to see Lesnar vs. Riddle? Let us know in the comments below.

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