Not so fast my chinless friend. Back in 2016, James Ellsworth took the WWE by storm, turning into one of the most unlikely popular acts in the company. Being much smaller than the average WWE wrestler, Ellsworth took what was supposed to be a one off appearance against Braun Strowman and turned it into a more than one year long run with the company. Ellsworth was released back in November 2017 but is it possible that he’ll be coming back to WWE, perhaps at a certain event focused on ladders?

What has Ellsworth been up to since he left WWE? You may have heard of something like this before.

Recent reports have suggested that Ellsworth would be returning to the company at the upcoming Money in the Bank pay per view, possibly interfering in the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match. Ellsworth interfered in the first ever women’s Money in the Bank ladder match in a result that wasn’t very well received. However, via his Twitter account, Ellsworth has made it clear that this will not be happening as he will be wrestling in China on the same day as the Money in the Bank pay per view, defending his Intergender Heavyweight Championship.

This is one of those things that never gets old.

Braun Strowman vs. James Ellsworth: Raw, July 25, 2016

Opinion: All I can think is thank goodness. There’s no need to have Ellsworth out there again, especially after what a mess the first time was. I’m still not sure who thought that was a good idea but it really just did not make sense. The Women’s Revolution is one of the most interesting things to happen to WWE in a long time but now we need Ellsworth to be involved in the thing? Why? At least he seems to be doing something cool on the independent scene and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Do you want Ellsworth back in WWE? Who will win the women’s ladder match? Let us know in the comments below.

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