That’s one down. A few weeks back we heard the announcement of the first Mae Young Classic, an all women’s tournament being held in the same vein as the Cruiserweight Classic. The first question was who would be filling in the bracket. At the same time we heard about a Japanese star signing with the company. What should be a simple idea turns out to not actually be happening.

According to the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter” by way, Io Shirai will not be taking part in the tournament. Shirai can’t participate due to not being finished with her Stardom dates by the time the tournament will be starting. There is currently no date listed for Shirai’s start date in WWE.

Opinion: That’s a bit surprising and tells me that we’re in for a surprising winner. Shirai would have been a great choice to debut and win the tournament but maybe they’re in for the long haul with her and don’t want her to hit the ground running. It wouldn’t be a surprise to have Shirai become a big star in the promotion but maybe it’s not her time yet.

In memory of Johnnie Mae Young

Did you expect Shirai to be in the tournament? Who do you want to see involved? Let us know in the comments below.


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