It’s what matters most. Love him or hate him, Vince McMahon is the most important person in all of wrestling. He owns and operates the largest, most powerful and most influential company in the world and that brings with it a ton of sway. In short, if he likes you then you’re in, but if he doesn’t like you then you’re probably done, at least on a high level. That is the case for wrestlers as well as wrestling shows, with McMahon being famous for ripping up scripts just before a show goes on the air for a fast rewrite. This week’s SmackDown was quite the different kind of show, so what did the boss think?

SmackDown was working with a limited and mainly different roster/crew this week as a majority of the roster was stuck in Saudi Arabia due to travel issues after Thursday’s Crown Jewel event. This meant that there would be a very small regular SmackDown lineup on the show and a heavy influx of NXT talent who would be there to fill out the show. The theme of the night was an NXT invasion, which was something that had been done before in small doses but never at a full on pace. The show was rewritten at the last moment, but the question is what did McMahon think of it.

According to, McMahon was very pleased with the show, saying that the night was a “home run”. McMahon did have a hand in the show, though Triple H was a major influence on it as well. Triple H was featured throughout the show as well, mainly as the leader of the NXT roster, including a big moment at the end of the night. NXT is expected to have a major presence on Monday Night Raw and SmackDown in the coming weeks as it will be a part of Survivor Series along with the two main shows. No matches have been announced for the show so far.

This is the main thing you need to see. Check out the big moment of the show:

Opinion: As great as the show was, the more important point is where the show goes as we move forward. If this is just a one off great show, then it isn’t going to matter all that much and will be more something nice that we remember in the coming weeks. Obviously they can’t do the same thing every single week, but at least they do know how to make McMahon happy for once. If they can make the audience happy and therefore loyal, they might have something there. At the moment, things are in a rather low place, though they could get even worse.

How did you like the show? Will it be better or worse next week? Let us know in the comments below.

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