One hot foot in the heated Grave(s). Last week’s Greatest Royal Rumble was one of the biggest shows in WWE history while also being one of the most controversial. There’s no way around the issue of Saudi Arabia having issues involving the rights of women and various people weren’t exactly happy with WWE taking a huge payout from the Saudi Arabian government to put on the show. One such person was Corey Graves, whose comments on the issue aren’t going over very well.

Graves does have a lighter side.

Corey Graves describes the starstuck feeling of meeting The Rock (WWE Network Exclusive)

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter by way of, Graves may have some heat on him over his comments, which were against the way women are treated in Saudi Arabia. The comments were made on Instagram and there are those in WWE who feel that they should have been made out of the public eye. While Graves is a commentator on both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live, he is reportedly not as irreplaceable as he thinks he is. Here is the Instagram post which caused the issues in the first place.

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Opinion: As much as I agree with Graves, there’s no surprise to the fact that WWE is going to have a bad reaction to its employees bringing up these issues. If there’s one thing that WWE is obsessed with, it’s their branding. This is the company that makes sure to put up a disclaimer on any of its shows on the WWE Network saying that the statements by the wrestlers, who are fictional characters, do not represent WWE’s corporate views. If they’ll go that far on any given show, how well do you think they’re going to respond to one of their most visible names calling them out over such a touchy subject?

Are you surprised that Graves may be in trouble? Would WWE let him go? Let us know in the comments below.

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