It’s not easy being great. The Usos have kind of quietly turned into one of the best tag teams the WWE has ever had. They’ve won five Tag Team Titles and always seem to be right on the brink of getting them again, no matter what they’re doing. Having a good catchphrase and great charisma has helped them as well, but it turns out some people might not be happy with them.

According to Brad Shepard on his Oh. You Didn’t Know podcast, there is a chance that the Usos have backstage heat in WWE. The team is almost always on the Kickoff Show yet continue to have high quality performances against almost anyone. Shepard’s source didn’t confirm that there was heat, but also didn’t deny it when Shepard brought the topic up in the first place.

Here’s their latest effort on a Kickoff Show:

The Usos fly high to opening victory for Team SmackDown: Survivor Series 2018 Kickoff

Opinion: I’m really not sure on this one. For one thing, the Usos were just the captains of the SmackDown Live Survivor Series team and one of the two teams that seemed to matter in the match. It’s entirely possible that the Usos are on the Kickoff Show because they’re the perfect choice for an opening act. They’re popular, charismatic and athletic high fliers. What else could you want in a way to open a show?

Do you think the Usos are being punished? Do you want to see them as Tag Team Champions again? Let us know in the comments below.

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