Someone has to be next. One of the biggest stories going today in WWE has been the rise of Roman Reigns. After several years of trying to make him into the top babyface in the company, WWE has switched gears to turn him into a monster heel, which is working out rather well so far. Reigns is looking unstoppable, which means it might be difficult to find someone for him to face. WWE has someone in mind though.

Part of the problem with Reigns being such a monster is the fact that there is almost no one who can conceivably challenge him. That has been the case since he won the title and there is no reason to believe that it will not be the case going forward. SmackDown is a little bit light on top stars in the first place and that will be the case again for the next little while. There are some main eventers though and now we know who is next for Reigns.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Reigns is scheduled to feud with Daniel Bryan in the near future, though this is more out of necessity than anything else. Bryan was not presented as a main eventer when he returned from his hiatus over the summer and has already been defeated by Jey Uso. However, Bryan is one of the few established named available to challenge Reigns for the Universal Title.

Reigns and Bryan have worked before. Check out how it went down in the past:

Opinion: It isn’t like there is a better option at this point as the SmackDown roster is fairly thin on top. That is quite the issue to have, but at the same time, part of it is due to just how great Reigns has been as of late. You can only have so many people challenge him without making him look bad and that is a great situation to be in. Bryan will do fine for now, though I’m not sure who is after him.

Do you like Reigns vs. Bryan? How long will Reigns hold the title? Let us know in the comments below.

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