Ring of Honor
Date: May 8, 2019
Location: Stage AE, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman, Rhett Titus

It’s hard to say what we might be getting this week as last week’s return show after the trip to New York wasn’t the most thrilling in the world. It wasn’t bad by any means but I was expecting a little bit more. Maybe we get that tonight, but you really never can tell around here. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Eli Isom vs. PJ Black

Isom gets the better of the wristlock exchange to start and it’s an early standoff. Back up and Black gets in an armdrag into some legsweeps but Isom hits a jumping knee to the face. A springboard missile dropkick is countered into Black’s Boston crab, which is reversed into a rollup as we take a break.

Back with Black cranking on both arms and grabbing a Billy Goat’s Curse of all things. That doesn’t last long so it’s a springboard high crossbody instead, with Isom rolling through for two. A German suplex gives Isom two more and it’s time for the exchange of strikes. Isom muscles him up for a Death Valley Driver but slips off of a springboard, allowing Black to hit a springboard 450 for two. The moonsault double knees to the chest finish Isom at 8:41.

Result: PJ Black b. Eli Isom – Moonsault double knees to the chest (8:41)

We recap the build to some of the matches on the War of the Worlds tour.

Ray Lyn vs. Kelly Klein

Non-title. Before the match, Ray says she likes Klein but doesn’t respect her and won’t shake her hand. Klein is NOT her champ, so Klein shoves her into the corner to start things off. We take another very fast break and come back with Lyn hitting a running knee in the corner but having her high crossbody reversed into a fall away slam. Klein gets in some running strikes in the corner, setting up K Power for the pin at 4:03.

Result: Kelly Klein b. Ray Lyn – K Power (4:03)

Post match Klein commands respect from Lyn, who does shake her hand. Lyn leaves and Klein talks about being the fighting champion. Allure cares about their online presence and their looks but she cares about wrestling. That’s what Women of Honor is about but here are Velvet Sky and Mandy Leon. Angelina Love sneaks in with a bicycle kick so here’s Jenny Rose for a failed save attempt. Rose gets the lipstick branding.

We look at Rush beating Dalton Castle in 16 seconds at Madison Square Garden, causing Castle to snap and beat up the Boys.

Here’s Castle for his first comments since New York. The fans want to know where the Boys are as Castle says he owes some people some explanations. That starts with the Boys, who very hesitantly come to the ring. What happened in MSG was a mistake and he wants to make things right. It was frustration and Castle took it out on the two of them. He isn’t willing to throw that away because of a mistake and they should move forward. They hug…and he beats them down again, including taking their masks.

Tracy Williams/Mark Haskins vs. Vinny Marseglia/TK O’Ryan

The Kingdom jumps them at the bell but get sent to the floor in a hurry as we settle things down. It’s an O’Ryan distraction so Marseglia can hammer away on Haskins before it’s O’Ryan coming in legally. A blind tag brings Williams in for the kick to the chest and it’s time to start on the arm. The Kingdom gets tied together and kicked in the chest, setting up a double camel clutch (with the legs still tied together) as we take a break. Back with Williams in trouble in the corner and favoring his arm.

Marseglia suplexes him back into the corner and O’Ryan slaps on a top wristlock. A raised boot in the corner lets Williams hit a middle rope Fameasser, allowing Haskins to come in off the hot tag. The Crossface into the Rings of Saturn has O’Ryan in more trouble until Marseglia pulls him to the rope. That’s fine with Williams, who hits a frog splash to continue the Radicalz tribute offense. The shoulder goes out on a powerbomb attempt so it’s an ankle lock to O’Ryan instead. Marseglia makes a save so Haskins grabs the pull back Sharpshooter to make O’Ryan tap at 9:51.

Result: Mark Haskins/Tracy Williams b. The Kingdom – Sharpshooter to O’Ryan (9:51)

Post match Williams calls out Bully Ray as a cancer in Ring of Honor and they want to cut him out. This brings out Ray, who mocks them for being upset about Tenille Dashwood. Ray tells them where they can go and leaves to end the show.

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