Ring of Honor
Date: September 8, 2021
Location: UMBC Event Center, Baltimore, Maryland
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Lenny Leonard

It’s time to set up the finals of the Women’s Title tournament, which has gone from rather interesting to lacking star power outside of Angelina Love. Ring of Honor is going to need to do something special to make this work and they might be able to pull it off. At the same time, Death Before Dishonor could use some serious building. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Quinn McKay welcomes us to the show and runs down the card.

Trish Adora is ready to beat Miranda Alize.

Miranda Alize is ready to beat Trish Adora.

Women’s Title Tournament Semifinals: Trish Adora vs. Miranda Alize

Adora shoves her down to start and Alize bails to the floor for a quick breather. Back in and Adora grabs a quick Cattle Mutilation to crank on both arms at once. That doesn’t last long as Alize flips out and kicks her in the ribs to take over. Some rights and lefts have Adora in more trouble and the strikes have Adora rocked in the corner. A Backstabber gives Alize two but Adora kicks her in the face out of the corner. Alize is fine enough to hit a DDT for two but she gets tossed outside in a heap. That’s fine with Alize, who sends Adora into the barricade as we take a break.

Back with the two of them diving in to beat the count and Adora taking her to the mat with a twisting wristlock. The rear naked choke has Alize in trouble until her feet make the ropes. The Miranda Rights (Crossface) have Adora in trouble but she slips out and kicks Alize in the face. Adora’s Samoan drop sets up the Cattle Mutilation but Alize escapes again. The knee to the face sets up Miranda Rights for the tap at 12:16.

Result: Miranda Alize b. Trish Adora – Miranda Rights (12:16)

Respect is shown post match.

Angelina Love thinks Maria Kanellis set her up for failure in the tournament but here she is anyway. She has been wrestling longer than Rok-C has been alive and it is time to win her eighth World Title.

Rok-C, who sounds even younger than she is, can’t believe she has made it this far and now it is time to face Angelina Love. Did you know Love has been wrestling longer than she has been alive? Rok-C has to win though.

Women’s Title Tournament Semifinals: Rok-C vs. Angelina Love

Love is banged up from Max the Impaler’s beating last week. No Code of Honor before the match so Love wastes no time in kicking her into the corner. A side slam gives Love one but Rok-C takes her down and hits some flipping knees to the ribs. Love shouts that she is injured and sends Rok-C outside. Some shots to the ribs and trash talk have Rok-C in trouble but she spins around into a Russian legsweep back inside.

We take a break and come back with both of them pulling themselves up for a slugout. Love goes to the eye to cut Rok-C down but misses the Botox Injection. Rok-C is back with a Thesz press and right hands but Love plants her with a DDT for two. A Crossface puts Love in trouble until she reverses into a cradle. That’s reversed right back into a flip over armbar to make Love tap at 6:44.

Result: Rok-C b. Angelina Love – Armbar (6:44)

Post match Miranda Alize comes out for the staredown.

Death Before Dishonor rundown.

La Faccion Ingobernable is ready to prove they’re better than Shane Taylor Promotions.

La Faccion Ingobernable vs. Shane Taylor Promotions

That would be Kenny King, Rush, Dragon Lee, Bestia del Rey vs. Shane Taylor, the Soldiers of Savagery and O’Shea Edwards under lucha rules. During the entrances, Edwards says he is sick of these La Faccion censoreds. It’s a big brawl on the floor before the bell with security breaking it up as we take a break.

Back with things settled down but another fight nearly breaks out before we get started. Moses and King officially start things off with Moses powering him into the corner without much effort. King strikes away to get himself out of trouble but Moses punches him in the ribs. That’s enough to send King outside, so Lee is allowed to come in to face Khan.

Some shoulders put Lee down and Khan wins a forearm off without much effort. An exchange of kicks to the face goes to Khan but Lee low bridges him to the floor. That nearly sets off another brawl but Edwards comes in to run Lee over for a change. Everyone else has to be held apart on the floor again until Bestia comes in to suplex Edwards for two. That earns him a powerslam from Edwards and it’s off to Shane vs. Rush for the big hoss fight.

Rush manages a German suplex and a running knee to the face sends Taylor outside. Everything breaks down again and Moses….falls off the apron, which I think was supposed to be a dive. Back in and Shane trades knees to the face with Lee until the Marcus Garvey Driver gets two. King comes back in with a low blow to pin Shane at 7:26.

Result: La Faccion Ingobernable b. Shane Taylor Promotions – Low blow to Taylor (7:26)

La Faccion poses to end the show.

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