Ring Of Honor
Date: October 7, 2020
Location: UMBC Events Center, Baltimore, Maryland
Commentators: Caprice Coleman, Ian Riccaboni

It’s time to wrap up the first round of the Pure Title Tournament and that is kind of a shame. The tournament has been rather nice so far and a lot of that is the back to basics approach. This is what I wanted when I heard AEW say they were going to treat wrestling like a sport and it is working so far, albeit in small doses. Let’s get to it.

We open with a video saying “FOLLOW THE TREND”.

Opening sequence.

Video on the Pure Title Tournament.

We look at Fred Yehi beating Silas Young last week.

Yehi says he respects Young but now he’s ready for whoever he gets next week.

We look at Josh Woods beating Kenny King via judges’ decision last week.

Josh Woods is proud of his win but has to take back thoughts that Silas Young (his mentor) is lucky to not face him.

Rust Taylor talks about growing up in a very small town so he played sports for something to do. He loves all of the mechanics that come with grappling. After a bad period in his career, he was ready to quit but he kept going and got all the way here again. Taylor wants to face Tracy Williams at his best or it won’t mean anything.

Tracy Williams talks about how he grew up fighting with his friends and then went down to Philadelphia to learn to wrestle. Since then, he has become much more comfortable with his technical wrestler status and is ready for Taylor. Williams likes going after the neck and when he reaches his limit, the Hot Sauce comes out.

Pure Title Tournament First Round: Rust Taylor vs. Tracy Williams

They fight over some grappling to start with neither being able to get much of an advantage. Taylor starts working on the arm but Williams takes it to the mat and slips out. An armdrag into an armbar has Williams down again but he pops right back up for some strikes. Williams gets him to the mat to crank on the leg for a change before grabbing an STF. That’s enough to make Taylor use his first rope break so he takes Williams down and hammers the arm.

Williams is back up with a World’s Strongest Slam and we take a break. Back with Taylor kicking at the arm and pulling it into an armtrap armbar. Williams slips out and elbows at the ribs before it’s time to chop it out. A cross armbreaker sends Williams to the rope for the break and some more strikes give Taylor two, with Williams using another break. Taylor gets him down into a Rings of Saturn with the legs, meaning it’s the third rope break so Williams is completely out.

A seated armbar has Williams screaming again so he grabs the rope, but it means nothing this time. Instead he pulls Taylor outside for the big crash and they’re both down as time is running out. Taylor throws him back in and kicks away, earning himself a heck of a clothesline for two. Williams grabs a quick piledriver and slaps on the Crossface for the immediate tap at 14:25.

Result: Tracy Williams b. Rust Taylor – Crossface (14:25)

Tony Deppen is ready to win the tournament because this is what he does. He was a punk rock skateboard kid and that means he didn’t have much in the way of a wrestling background. As a smaller guy, he looked up to people like Bryan Danielson and Kyle O’Reilly. Everything he learned about PJ Black, he learned on Wikipedia, but since he doesn’t have a Wikipedia, there is nothing to be learned about him. He is fighting for his child and he is never going to stay down.

PJ Black has been a wrestler for a long time and has trained with shamans and witch doctors. He talks about walking around barefoot in the woods because of the exchange of positive ions. Black talks about teaching Brian Johnson and wanting to teach him a thing or two. He doesn’t know much about Deppen but tonight he’ll show everyone what he can do with pure wrestling instead of just showing off his high flying.

Pure Title Tournament First Round: PJ Black vs. Tony Deppen

Black has Brian Johnson with him and grabs the wristlock to start. A headlock takeover puts Deppen down as well and there’s an armdrag into an armbar to do it again. Back up and Black hits a spinning kick to the face but Deppen’s STF attempt makes Black use his first rope break. Black rolls him down into a double arm crank but has to hit a clothesline to cut him off.

The arm cranking continues and there’s a stomp onto Deppen’s arm to make it worse. Black’s springboard is dropkicked out of the air though and we take a break. Back with Deppen sending him face first into the buckle for two but missing a top rope double stomp. Black kicks him in the head to put Deppen down but Deppen grabs the leg for an STF.

That means a second rope break and Black heads outside, only to get caught with the suicide dive. Back in and Deppen’s top rope double stomp gets two so Black grabs a cutter for two more. An over the shoulder powerbomb spun into a DDT gets an even closer two and Black is rather stunned. With nothing else working, Black hits a crucifix driver for the pin at 12:04.

Result: PJ Black b. Tony Deppen – Crucifix driver (12:04)

Here are the updated brackets:

Jay Lethal
David Finlay

Fred Yehi
Tracy Williams

Jonathan Gresham
Matt Sydal

Josh Woods
PJ Black

We get a CONTROL YOUR NARRATIVE (meaning EC3) video to end the show.

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