Ring of Honor
Date: October 9, 2019
Location: Odeum Expo Center, Villa Park, Illinois/Potawatomi Casino, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman
Hosts: Ian Riccaboni, Quinn McKay

The show has started to change into a hybrid of its original format and the new one with more matches, though they are all still from Honor Club events. That makes a lot of sense given how they didn’t really need TV, but if you’re watching this show at its weird hours, aren’t you likely already subscribed to Honor Club? Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

We open with a highlight package of various luchadors in ROH.

The hosts welcome us to the show and thankfully know that Rush is the new World Champion.

Barbaro Cavenario vs. Rush

From Illinois and non-title as Rush had not won the title yet. They start fast with an exchange of armdrags into a staredown as the fans are rather pleased. A shot to the face and a top rope forearm give Cavenario a quick advantage so Rush sends him into the corner for a clothesline. Rush forearms and punches away as Cavenario is down in the corner so he pops up and knocks Rush down instead.

A Vader Bomb from the middle of the ropes gets two and it’s a hurricanrana to send Rush outside. That means a big dive to the floor and it’s another dive as we take a break. Back with Cavenario headbutting him down, only to miss a Lionsault. That means a big flip dive from Rush but it’s Tranquilo instead of a second dive. See he mixes it up like a champ. The referee takes a chair away from Rush so Cavenario…..does the Worm. That earns him a suplex into the corner and the Bull’s Horns gives Rush the pin at 11:22.

Result: Rush b. Barbaro Cavenario – Bull’s Horns (11:22)

We talk about the #1 contender tournament.

Dalton Castle and Marty Scurll are ready to win the tournament and the title because this is their big chance.

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We get some highlights of Triton/Caristico/Stuka Jr. vs. Jeff Cobb/Jonathan Gresham/Jay Lethal from Global Wars with Gresham getting the pin.

Jeff Cobb is getting a World Title shot at Rush in England.

Highlights of Team CMLL defeating Villain Enterprises at Global Wars.

Volador Jr,/Stuka Jr./Caristico vs. Rey Bucanero/Okumura/Hechicero

Hechicero and Stuka grapple a bit to start with Stuka having to prevent his knee from being cranked. A headscissors gets him out of trouble but Hechicero takes him down and drops an elbow on the back. Stuka pulls himself up into a headscissors and the fans are rather pleased. Volador and Bucanero come in with the former hitting a headscissors before it’s off to Caristico vs. Okumura for a slugout and an early break.

Back with Caristico hitting a slingshot dive onto Okumura before it’s back to Stuka vs. Hechicero for the chop off. A surfboard from Hechicero into a bulldog from Bucanero takes Stuka down and the triple teaming begins. That includes some running splashes with Caristico having to make a save. Stuka is kicked to the door and everything breaks down….with Stuka cleaning house on his own.

Volador gets the hot tag and it’s a triple dive from he and his partners. Back in and Volador gets caught in a triple team of his own. That doesn’t last either as Caristico comes in with a springboard crossbody and we take another break. Back again with Caristico flipping Bucanero and Okumura around with headscissors.

It’s back to Stuka for an assisted monkey flip into the two of them in the corner but Bucanero is right back with a sleeper….which he releases after about three seconds. Everything breaks down again into a Tower of Doom with Okumura and Bucanero being sent outside. Volador gets put into 619 position and it’s Hechicero with a running crossbody to his back. Hechicero puts him on top though and Volador snaps off a super hurricanrana for the pin at 19:58.

Result: Volador Jr./Stuka Jr./Caristico b. Hechicero/Rey Bucanero/Okumura – Super hurricanrana to Hechicero (19:58)



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