Ring of Honor
Date: November 25, 2020
Location: UMBC Events Center, Baltimore, Maryland
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman

Believe it or not we are well on the way to Final Battle and I’m not sure how many matches have actually been set up for the show. Actually I’m not even sure how many matches have been teased for the show, which makes for a fairly important next few weeks. Hopefully they can get off to a good start here. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Quinn McKay welcomes us to the show and runs down the card.

Jay Briscoe wants the Tag Team Titles back but first he has to deal with EC3.

EC3 talks about how much he envies Jay Briscoe for sticking around here while he chased the bright lights. Now he wants to know if Briscoe believes in the code of honor and if he can control his narrative.

EC3 vs. Jay Briscoe

EC3 backs him into the corner to start and Jay isn’t interested in a handshake. Briscoe grabs a front facelock so EC3 slips out and hits an elbow. Hold on though as EC3 looks down at his hand so Briscoe stomps him down into the corner. Choking ensues…..for the DQ to give EC3 the win at 1:57.

Result: EC3 b. Jay Briscoe via DQ when Briscoe choked in the corner (1:57)

Post match EC3 takes him down and hammers away as the fight is on hard. Security (in masks) make the save. EC3 gets away and drops to his knees, allowing Jay to try the Jay Driller. That’s broken up as well and Briscoe is ready for more.

Post break, Quinn McKay asks Jay Briscoe why he didn’t adhere to the Code Of Honor. Jay: “Why? Because F*** Y** that’s why!” McKay: “Succinct.”

Leon St. Giovanni, who you can call LSG, talks about being a baseball player his entire life before he saw Ring of Honor. It was all he wanted to do, especially when he saw Jay Lethal. For years, LSG was part of a tag team with Shaheem Ali and now he is on his own after a horrible 2019. People need to step up to him now and that includes Jay Lethal in their Pure Rules match. The boy who wanted to be Lethal is now the man who is going to beat him.

Jay Lethal talks about how the Pure Wrestling Title tournament taught us who the best man was and he can live with that. He was eliminated by Tracy Williams because Tracy was the better man that night. The Foundation is here to find the best and they want to reward those people. That is why Lethal requested this match because Samoa Joe did the same thing for him years ago. Now Lethal wants to pay it forward to LSG, but he’ll have to pay for the free gift.

Leon St. Giovanni vs. Jay Lethal

Pure Rules. Lethal headlocks him to the mat in a hurry and is broken up even faster as the feeling out process starts fast. LSG flips out of the hiptoss into the dropkick and it’s another standoff. Another headlock has LSG down before Lethal works on the arm for a bit. After pulling LSG away from the ropes (doesn’t count as a break), the threat of a Figure Four sends LSG to the ropes for the first break.

Back up and Lethal goes for the back, including taking him down into a waistlock. Another Figure Four attempt results in some back to back small packages for two each. LSG sends him outside for a dropkick through the ropes for a near countout before stomping away back inside. We take a break and come back with LSG holding a cravate. After a good bit of cranking, Lethal fights up and hits a Russian legsweep to send LSG to the apron. The triangle dropkick sets up a suicide dive but LSG doesn’t go off his feet.

Back in and LSG gets up before Hail to the King can launch. Instead it’s a reverse DDT for two on LSG, who is right back with a rolling clothesline for the same. LSG grabs a crucifix into the Crossface but Lethal slips out in a hurry. The Sharpshooter goes on with LSG bridging back into a Muta Lock. Lethal grabs the rope and we’re out of time at 15:00. Lethal wins via split decision.

Result: Jay Lethal b. Leon St. Giovannia via split decision (15:00)

John Walters is coming back.

Video on Bateman vs. Matt Taven. Bateman isn’t impressed with Taven and is standing in his way to get to Vincent. That’s cool with Taven and we have a main event.

Matt Taven vs. Bateman

Taven chops away and hits a dropkick but the much bigger Bateman runs him over without much effort. The beating doesn’t last long as Taven comes back with a suplex and some right hands to the head. Bateman grabs a swinging neckbreaker and we take a break. Back with Taven hitting a lifting Downward Spiral to send Bateman outside. That means the Flight Of The Conqueror, though Taven comes up holding his leg. They head inside again where Taven misses the Aurora Borealis (frog splash), only to grab a rollup for the fast pin at 9:33.

Result: Matt Taven b. Bateman – Rollup (9:33)

Post match Bateman jumps Taven from behind and here’s Vincent to say Taven is a little too comfortable. Bateman knocks Taven out as Vincent talks about how embarrassing Taven is. There is no one in this building and yet Taven is still that desperate for attention. No matter how hard Taven tries, he will never get that kind of attention.

Vincent grabs Taven’s face and says his legacy will be nothing but a failure. He pulls out a dart and promises violence but the lights go out. Cue the returning Mike Bennett (Kanellis) for the save to clean house. A Kingdom reunion ends the show.


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