Ring of Honor
Date: November 20, 2019
Location: York Hall, London, England
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Dalton Castle
Hosts: Quinn McKay, Ian Riccaboni

We’re over in England this week and maybe that can make the shows feel a little more important. After last week being dedicated to the #1 contenders tournament and almost nothing else, I could use something else on the road to Final Battle. Then again ROH doesn’t seem to realize that show is coming up so it’s hard to say what we are going to be getting. Let’s get to it.

We open with highlights of TV Champion Shane Taylor going to a time limit draw with Joe Hendry, meaning Hendry gets a TV Title shot in London.

Long form clips of Jeff Cobb unsuccessfully challenging Rush for the World Title on the UK tour.

We look at Jonathan Gresham cheating to pin Jay Briscoe on the UK tour.

On the same show, Gresham offered Jay Lethal a chair to attack an injured Mark Briscoe. Lethal attacked Jay Briscoe with the chair and we have a big old heel turn. The big brawl was on with the referees having to break things up.

Later on the UK tour, Lethal says he is starting to understand what Gresham has been trying to say to him. Lethal has pride and love for wrestling but Gresham has gotten him to understand something: the best wrestlers around here do whatever they want to do, so that is what he and Gresham are going to do from now on. Now they want to level the playing field and on top of that, they want the Tag Team Titles.

The next night, Gresham attacked PCO with a chair to save Lethal, drawing out the Briscoes for the very delayed save.

We look at Kelly Klein getting the Women’s Title back, thanks to Maria Manic evening things out a bit.

Clips of Mandy Leon almost winning the title with a belt shot, only to have it taken back thanks to a Dusty Finish.

Clips of Mike Bailey vs. Flamita, the latter of whom has now signed with the company.

Hendry is ready to win the TV Title.

Taylor says he’s going to knock Hendry out.

TV Title: Shane Taylor vs. Joe Hendry

Taylor is defending and they both have their entourages with them, though it’s one on one when we get ready. During the referee’s instructions, Shane calls him a ballerina and they lock up against the ropes. Hendry takes him into the corner for a shove off as Castle isn’t all that impressed so far on commentary. Taylor spins out of a wristlock so Hendry does it a little bit better, which doesn’t mean much when you consider Hendry’s much smaller size.

A big shoulder drops Hendry and we take a break. Back with Hendry shouldering him to the floor but Taylor pulls him down with a Tower of London. The big leg on the apron makes it even worse and for some reason Hendry tries a suplex back inside. This goes as well as you would expect so Taylor chinlocks some sense into him. Back up and Hendry gets sent outside for a whip into the barricade. We take another break and come back with Hendry sending him into the barricade to even things up again.

Taylor is sent into the barricade a few more times but comes back with a shot to the face for two more. Hendry finally does hit that suplex and starts striking away, setting up a Codebreaker for another two. That means another slugout until Shane hits a heck of a package piledriver for a near fall. A middle rope splash gets two more but Hendry is up with the fall away slam into the ankle lock. Hendry even sits down with it before being kicked away. Taylor slips out of a slam though Greetings From 216 retains the title at 15:59.

Result: Shane Taylor b. Joe Hendry – Greetings From 216 (15:59)

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