Ring of Honor
Date: March 18, 2020
Location: UMBC Events Center, Baltimore, Maryland
Commentators: Caprice Coleman, Ian Riccaboni
Host: Quinn McKay

This has to be the last show from Baltimore right? If my math is correct, they should have seven or eight weeks of television from their last two shows, but after that it’s going to be interesting in a hurry. These shows have been good so far and hopefully the trend continues this week. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

We open with a recap of Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham winning the Tag Team Titles in a great match at Final Battle.

Battle Royal

Beer City Bruiser, Brawler Milonas, Tracy Williams, Cheeseburger, Josh Woods, Brian Johnson, PJ Black, Silas Young, Blue Meanie, Rhett Titus, Maria Manic, Gangrel, Delirious, Eli Isom, Kenny King, Dragon Lee, Crowbar, Dak Draper, Danhausen, Leon St. Giovanni

The winner gets a future World Title shot. Gangrel blows the liquid in King’s face during entrances and most of the people get in at the bell to start fast. We take a break at the ten second mark and come back, seemingly with nothing having changed, meaning Delirious is running around ringside and King is blindly throwing punches on the floor.

Gangrel suplexes Danhausen and Impales Johnson as I’m trying to wonder if they’re really considering him a big deal. Draper fights off another Impaler and backdrops Gangrel out to a chorus of booing. LSG goes up top to dive at Draper, who throws him out with ease. Draper backdrops out Isom and Crowbar with ease so, say it with me, Cheeseburger eliminates Draper a few seconds later.

The Bouncers start wrecking a lot of people so Meanie tries to get the Bouncers to dance….and they actually do it, only to have Johnson throw Meanie out. As Amy Rose comes out to get King to the back, the Bouncers beat up Johnson and toss him….only to the apron as PJ Black makes a save. As a result, Johnson throws Black out in a good old heel double crossing. Manic grabs Johnson low and gorilla presses him out as we take another break.

Back again with Maria throwing the Bouncers out at the same time but stopping to hug Danhausen. Young and Maria have a staredown with Silas dropping her but not quite being able to eliminate her. Cue Bully Ray to pull Maria out, allowing Young to celebrate. Ray chairs her in the back and adds a powerbomb through a table (apparently giving her a concussion).

Back in and Danhausen gives Delirious some teeth but then throws them at Delirious, setting up the elimination. Danhausen German suplexes Young but gets tossed out anyway, allowing Cheeseburger to hit a springboard crossbody. Young rolls through and they go to the apron but Woods makes the save. A clothesline eliminates Cheeseburger and we’re down to Williams, Lee, Young and Woods. Young puts Williams on the top so Tracy manages a DDT onto the top turnbuckle.

Woods jumps in front of a spinning forearm so Williams blasts him instead, leaving Young to return the save. Williams gets double teamed in the corner with a slingshot elbow, setting up the easy elimination. Young and Woods stomp Lee down in the corner but Lee sends Young to the apron. Woods kicks him out by mistake and gets tossed, only to have Kenny King run in. Lee survives an elimination attempt, unmasks as Flip Gordon, and dumps King for the win at 20:30.

Result: Flip Gordon won a battle royal last eliminating Kenny King (20:30)

Post break, Gordon says he’s coming for the title at Supercard of Honor.

Clips of Session Moth Martina beating Sumie Sakai.

Post break Quinn asks Sumie for a comment but she shoves Quinn against a wall and tells her to shut up.

Dan Maff/Jeff Cobb vs. Jay Lethal/Jonathan Gresham

Non-title but if Maff and Cobb win, they’re guaranteed a title shot. The handshake offers are slapped away so it’s Cobb and Gresham starting things off. Gresham can’t quite wrestle him down as Cobb muscles him up for a throw into the corner. Back from an early break with Maff chopping Lethal and then slapping him in the face for a bonus. The Pounce sends Lethal outside and the champs need a breather.

Back in and Maff suplexes both of them before it’s Cobb coming in for a dropkick. The standing moonsault gets two on Lethal and Cobb pounds him down in the corner. Gresham comes in and goes after Cobb’s knee though as the champs take over for the first time. Lethal gets kicked into the corner for the hot tag to Maff but the referee doesn’t see it, sending Maff into a frenzy in the corner. Cobb suplexes the heck out of Gresham and now Maff can come in to run Lethal over.

We come back from another break with Maff hitting a Cannonball in the corner. The spinning belly to back from Cobb sets up an elevated backsplash from Maff to crush Lethal again. Gresham makes the save with an enziguri and Lethal cutters Cobb for two. Maff gets knocked to the floor so Gresham dives onto him with a sleeper, leaving Lethal to Figure Four Cobb.

Maff, with Gresham on his back, climbs back in but falls just short of a save. He gets up again and finally Attitude Adjusts Gresham onto Lethal for the big break. Everyone is down again until Maff spears Lethal, setting up the Oklahoma Stampede to Gresham. Lethal kicks Cobb to the floor and Gresham adds a suicide dive, only to have Maff hit a Burning Hammer on Lethal for the pin at 13:05.

Result: Dan Maff/Jeff Cobb b. Jonathan Gresham/Jay Lethal – Burning Hammer to Lethal (13:05)

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