Ring of Honor
Date: June 26, 2019
Location: ShoWare Center, Kent, Washington
Commentator: Ian Riccaboni

It’s the go home show for Best in the World and that means very little around here. Ring of Honor has always been terrible about setting things up for a pay per view because their taping cycle is screwy beyond belief. I’m not sure what to expect here, but at least we should get some hype for the show. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of Kenny King winning the Honor Rumble and then tormenting Jay Lethal on his way to a World Title shot. Tonight is match #2 in their best of three series.

Opening sequence.

NWA National Title: Mark Briscoe vs. Colt Cabana

Colt is defending. Feeling out process to start with Colt getting the better of a wristlock. That’s switched into a chinlock and then a bodyscissors as Mark can’t get anything going early on.Colt even lays on his back and offers Mark the leg but Mark is smart enough to forearm away in the corner.

A shove puts Cabana on the floor and we take a break. Back with Mark ripping at Colt’s face as Ian talks about how close he is with Cabana. A big boot sends Cabana outside again for the Bang Bang elbow from the apron. Mark goes for a chair but the referee takes it away, allowing Colt to hit him in the face with a beer.

Back in and a high crossbody into a springboard moonsault gets two on Mark. The Apple (Rear View) gets two on Mark and Colt sends him outside again. That’s fine with Mark, who peels back the mat but can’t suplex him outside. Instead it’s a series of rollups for two each from Colt and a German suplex makes things even worse.

We take another break and come back with nothing seeming to have changed before Colt starts hammering away. A Rock Bottom suplex gives Mark two but Colt makes the comeback for the strike off. Mark gets the better of things but can’t hit the Froggy Bow. Instead Cabana knocks him off the ropes and hits his Superman Pin rollup to retain at 16:25.

Result: Colt Cabana b. Mark Briscoe – Superman pin (16:25)

Post match Jay Briscoe comes in and helps with a beatdown, including a belt shot to the face.

Shane Taylor talks about revenge and promises to shatter Jay Lethal’s TV Title reigns.

The Allure is ready for their in-ring debut at their namesake show: Best in the World.

We look at Flip Gordon winning a four way match and challenging Rush for Best in the World.

Here’s Silas Young in a boxer’s robe for a chat. Over the last few weeks, the fans have had the chance to see the Technician Of Honor display his skills and that is what they’ll get to see when he beats Jon (yes Jon) Gresham. For tonight though, it’s time for another exhibition.

Silas Young vs. El Hijo De Squid Jr.

And yeah it’s the same guy as Squid from a few weeks ago. Squid poses as Ian thinks Squid might be on the take. An atomic drop staggers Silas, who comes back with a hard clothesline. The abdominal stretch finishes Squid at 1:15.

Result: Silas Young b. El Hijo De Squid Jr. – Abdominal stretch (1:15)

Lifeblood welcomes PJ Black to the team.

Jay Lethal vs. Kenny King

Match #2 of the best of three series with King up 1-0. King brings out a broom because it’s time for the sweep. They actually shake hands to start before Jay works on the arm. That’s switched into a headlock takeover to keep King down but he reverses into a headscissors as the technical start continues.

We take a very early break and come back with Lethal chasing him inside and getting stomped down. Lethal kicks the leg and goes for the Figure Four but gets rolled up for two instead. A kick to the face sends Lethal outside and that means a big running slingshot corkscrew dive. Back in and a springboard spinning legdrop gets two, followed by the seated abdominal stretch.

With that not working, King sends him outside for an attempted countout. That doesn’t work either so we take another break. Back again with Lethal Hulking Up and hitting the Lethal Combination. Now the Figure Four goes on but King has the rope in less than two seconds. Instead Lethal sends him outside for three straight suicide dives. King teases walking out but uses the distraction for a cheap shot with the microphone for the DQ at 17:53.

Result: Jay Lethal b. Kenny King via DQ when King used the microphone (17:53)

Post match the beatdown is on with Lethal being sent into the barricade and pummeled back inside. A low blow sets up the Lethal Injection on Jay. King even Pillmanizes the arm as we’re told that the third match will indeed be at Best in the World. King asks if Jay feels like a winner and stomps on the arm again.

Matt Taven says it’s about time that the show has a real star. He’s been listening to Jeff Cobb’s accomplishments for two weeks now but no one has been talking about his accomplishments. Taven deserves the gold and to be World Champion. At Best in the World, he will reign over Ring of Honor.

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