Ring of Honor
Date: June 21, 2017
Location: 2300 Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Colt Cabana

This is the go home show for Best in the World which means….well I have no idea what it means actually. We’ve actually had a good build to the main event with Christopher Daniels defending the World Title against Cody but the rest of the show is a combination of a mystery or really poorly built. Let’s get to it.

Jay Lethal welcomes us to the 300th episode. It feels like just yesterday that he was winning the TV Title on the second episode yet here we are. He’s ready for 300 more episodes.

Opening sequence.

Silas Young/Beer City Bruiser vs. Jay Lethal/Bobby Fish

Fish and Bruiser get things going with the big man easily running him over. Bobby is smart enough to make Bruiser run the ropes over and over, eventually leaving Bruiser bent over sucking wind. Fans: “HE’S BLOWN UP!” It’s off to Lethal to do the same thing with Bruiser taking a knee next to the ropes. Young offers him a beer, so Young and Fish make him run the ropes again, causing the beer to be spat through the ropes.

Back from a break with Young taking a beating for a change until Bruiser clotheslines Jay down. Bruiser takes a Samoan drop from Fish as everything breaks down. Young gets double teamed but Bruiser makes a diving save. A wheelbarrow suplex of all things drops Fish and it’s Misery to put Lethal away at 9:12.

Result: Silas Young/Beer City Bruiser b. Jay Lethal/Bobby Fish – Misery to Lethal (9:12)

Daniels is ready to retain his title and carry ROH into the future.

Jay Briscoe is STILL livid about losing that eight man tag so Bully Ray and Mark Briscoe calm him down.

Kingdom vs. The Boys

Kingdom jumps the Boys in the aisle and beat the heck out of them with the beatdown being on in full. They pull back a ringside mat so Matt Taven can load up a piledriver on the concrete but Dalton Castle comes out for the save. The Boys recover and grab a rollup just after the bell, followed by a double dropkick on Vinny. Things settle down with Taven getting in a cheap shot from behind to really take over. A reverse superplex drops Boy #1 and Marseglia’s Swanton gives him the pin at 1:34.

Result: Kingdom b. The Boys – Swanton to Boy #1 (1:34)

Post match Jay Briscoe comes out to yell at Dalton but Mark and Bully break it up.

Video on Punishment Martinez.

Punishment Martinez vs. Joey Daddiego

Daddiego is easily shoved away and a clothesline takes him down again. A springboard flip splash crushes Daddiego again and the sitout chokeslam is good for the pin at 1:58.

Result: Punishment Martinez b. Joey Daddiego – Sitout chokeslam (1:58)

Post match Daddiego’s buddies Cheeseburger and Will Ferrara come out for the save but get beaten down as well. Jay White comes out to brawl with Martinez and clotheslines him to the floor.

The Briscoes are fired up about 300 episodes.

Kevin Kelly and Cody have replaces Riccaboni on commentary.

Will Ospreay/Gedo/Hirooki Goto vs. Addiction/Hiroshi Tanahashi

Ospreay and Kazarian start things off and fight over a wristlock as we take a break less than a minute in. Dang it Ring of Honor that’s not something you do! Back with Daniels cleaning house but Ospreay breaks up his springboard moonsault.

Ospreay and company take over on the floor and it’s Goto chopping at Daniels in the corner. Something like a cutter into the middle buckle drops Goto though and the hot tag brings in Tanahashi. Ospreay and Gedo take stereo elbow drops but Goto is right there with a clothesline to break it up. Ospreay comes in with a Phenomenal Forearm and a standing shooting star gets two.

Tanahashi Sling Blades him though and we take a break. Back again with Ospreay diving onto Kazarian and Tanahashi, leaving Gedo to take a Blue Thunder Bomb. Everyone gets back inside again and the Oscutter hits Goto by mistake. A Rock Bottom to Gedo sets up the High Fly Flow and the Best Moonsault Ever for the pin at 11:12.

Result: Addiction/Hiroshi Tanahashi b. Will Ospreay/Gedo/Hirooki Goto – Best Moonsault Ever to Gedo (11:12)

Post match Hangman Page comes in to jump Kazarian while Cody comes in to hit Daniels with Angel’s Wings. Cody holds up the World Title.

We get some quick promos for the pay per view.

Marty Scurll is ready to take back the TV Title.

Jay Lethal needs to beat Silas Young.

Dalton Castle is outraged by the lack of Six Man Tag Team Titles.

Hangman Page promises to hurt Kazarian.

The Kingdom calls the CMLL guys Melvins.

The Young Bucks promise to superkick War Machine.

Christopher Daniels is ready to find out who is the Best in the World.


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