Ring of Honor
Date: July 8, 2020

It’s PJ Black week and that likely means a lot of multi-person matches from Honor Club shows, because there are all kinds of those to pick from. Black has been one of the veteran presences in the company for a long time now and I’m curious to see what they have from him here. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Black welcomes us to the show and talks about his love of extreme sports, mainly skydiving and BASE jumping. He reads and cooks a lot, while also trying to add in some more moves to his arsenal. Anyway, on to the matches.

From Honor For All 2019.

Silas Young vs. PJ Black

Josh Woods is here with Young. They go to the mat for the technical stuff to start with Young bailing outside in frustration. Back in and Black runs him over with a shoulder before they trade some rollups for two each. Black sweeps the leg and stomps on the back, only to get dropped with a shot to the face as we take a break. We come back with Black headscissoring him to the floor but Young spits at him. The chase is on and Young hits a clothesline, though Woods was tying his shoe instead of cheating as Young was hoping for.

Young gets two off a hard whip into the corner and we hit the chinlock. Black fights up and hits a kick to the face, followed by a top rope right hand to the head. The springboard clothesline gets two but Young knocks him outside. Woods still won’t cheat for him though, meaning Young has to send things back inside. The yelling at Woods allows Black to grab a small package for the pin at 8:49.

Result: PJ Black b. Silas Young – Small package (8:49)

From ROH TV, March 16, 2019.

Bandido vs. PJ Black

They grapple to the mat to start with Bandido going after the leg. Back up and it’s a standoff with Black shooting an invisible arrow at Bandido. A shoulder just makes Bandido nip up, followed by a handstand nip up to get in Black’s head. Black misses an elbow and Bandido freezes him with the finger gun. A dropkick puts Black on the floor but he’s right back in for a crucifix driver as we take a break.

We come back with Bandido kicking him in the head to block a dive, setting up a heck of a moonsault to the floor. The Cannonball hits the barricade though and it’s time to head back inside for a slugout. Back in and Black gets crotched on top but manages to roll through a super hurricanrana into a Styles Clash for his own near fall.

A pumphandle into a cutter (the Wellness Policy) gives Black two but Bandido rolls over and deadlifting Black into a piledriver (Black’s head landed on Bandido’s leg). Back from another break with Black hitting a moonsault press for two but running into a Spanish Fly for two more.

Bandido charges into raised boots though and a top rope double stomp to a standing Bandido gets two. Black gets caught on top for a super Spanish Fly but the moonsault hits raised boots. A shot to the face rocks Black again though and the handspring bridging German suplex finishes Black at 15:21.

Result: Babdido b. PJ Black – 21 Plex (15:21)

Post match they shake hands because Lifeblood is good that way.

And now we wrap it up at the Global Wars Espectacular: Milwaukee.

PJ Black vs. Triton vs. Flip Gordon

Triton is from CMLL. Gordon bails to the floor to start and has a seat in a chair, leaving Triton to take him down and hit a basement dropkick. Black sweeps the leg and hits a jumping double stomp to the back, followed by a dive to take out Gordon. Triton dives onto both of them though and we take a break. Back with Black whipping Triton into the corner to monkey flip Gordon, who comes up holding his knee. That’s enough to send Gordon to the back with some assistance and we’re down to one on one.

They trade the dives over each other until it’s a double clothesline for the knockdown….and Gordon is right back in to stomp away. Triton is sent outside, leaving Black to get hit with a running clothesline in the corner for two. Back in and Triton gets caught with the springboard tornado DDT but Black brainbusters Gordon for two more. Black moonsaults onto both of them at once for two and we take another break.

We come back again with Black grabbing a Gory Stretch on Gordon and a Boston crab on Triton at the same time. That’s broken up so Gordon breaks up Black’s 450 with a hard crotching. Triton’s super Spanish Fly gets two on Gordon and a hurricanrana sends him outside. Black is sent outside with him and there’s the big dive to take Black and Gordon down at the same time.

Back in and Triton hits a Five Star onto both of them at once but Gordon rips off Triton’s mask. That means it’s chair time but here’s Tracy Williams to take it away from Gordon. Triton has his mask back but his moonsault hits Black’s feet. The Placebo Effect gives Black the pin on Triton at 12:44.

Result: PJ Black b. Triton and Flip Gordon – Placebo Effect to Triton (12:44)

Black talks about mentoring Brian Johnson and he looks forward to seeing him grow into a World Champion. He’ll be back in the ring soon so stick around.


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