Ring of Honor
Date: July 24, 2019
Location: 2300 Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Colt Cabana, Caprice Coleman

We continue with the post Best in the World fallout this week and that means….well it could mean a lot of things actually as this place doesn’t exactly have the easiest schedule to follow. We could be in for a variety of things around here and as usual, that can be quite the mixed bag. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Dalton Castle vs. Jonathan Gresham vs. Jeff Cobb vs. Kenny King

One fall to a finish. Everyone is in the ring and the bell rings less than five seconds after we start in the arena. King lets Castle have Cobb, who blocks a waistlock without much effort. Back up and Cobb hits a heck of a dropkick before it’s off to King vs. Gresham. They slug it out until King kicks the leg and sweeps it away, setting up a knee to the head for two. Castle comes back in to work over Gresham in the corner as this is feeling like a tag match.

Gresham gets caught on the mat and it’s King coming back in for a springboard clothesline. Even commentary talks about this basically being a tag match early on. We take a break and come back with very little fanfare as King carries Gresham back into the corner for a tag to Castle. An AA into a splash gives Castle two with King not even inching over for a save.

The Bang a Rang is broken up and Gresham grabs two off a rollup. King comes back in and mocks Cobb, allowing Castle to pull Cobb to the floor. Castle tags himself back in but King does the same as the argument is on. Gresham is smart enough to quietly sneak over for the tag to Cobb so house can be cleaned.

Running elbows in the corner have Castle and King in trouble until Castle hits the reverse Sling Blade. King hits a Blockbuster for two on Gresham but Cobb is back up with a Jackhammer for the same. With the wrestling not working, King brings in a woman’s shoe. Gresham takes it away though and knocks King silly, setting up a rollup with tights to give Gresham the pin at 13:00.

Result: Jonathan Gresham b. Kenny King, Jeff Cobb and Dalton Castle – Rollup with tights to King (13:00)

The Shinobi Shadow Squad wants the Six Man Tag Team Titles.

Video on Sumie Sakai, who is back soon.

Video on the Guerrillas of Destiny stealing the Tag Team Titles from the Briscoes.

We look back to last week with Maria Manic beating people up and the Kenny King/Rhett Titus segment.

Video on the Soldiers of Savagery debut and ensuing destruction.

Soldiers of Savagery vs. Primal Fear

The jobbers get punched in the face to start things off and it’s a double chokeslam to knock one silly. The other jobber gets the same for the pin at 46 seconds.

Result: Soldiers of Savagery b. Primal Fear – Double chokeslam (0:46)

Jay Lethal yells at Gresham for cheating lately. Gresham doesn’t want to hear it and walks away but Gresham says this place is changing. He’s going to be the best in the world however he needs to do it. Gresham just pinned King, which Lethal couldn’t do. Think about that.

We look back at Flip Gordon joining Villain Enterprises at Best in the World. The destruction of Lifeblood followed.

Here’s Lifeblood for a chat. Mark Haskins rants about Villain Enterprises stealing Flip and him stabbing them in their backs, so get out here right now. Cue the Villains, with Flip shaking everyone’s hand but going to the back because he’s banged up (not mentioned here, though you can see him holding his arm after the 450 at Best in the World). A challenge is tossed out and Lifeblood wants to make it a street fight.

Villain Enterprises vs. Lifeblood

Non-title and Villain Enterprises (PCO/Brody King/Marty Scurll) are in trouble early on. Back with Bandido diving onto King as Haskins beats up Scurll. King gets sent into the barricade as Bandido loads up a table. Some chairs are brought in as well with PCO’s powerbomb to Williams being broken up. Haskins comes back in to try and take over but a left hand to King doesn’t do much good.

A chair shot to his back lets King hit a swinging Boss Man Slam for two but it’s Williams coming back in with the kendo stick, including wrapping King’s bad wrist around said stick. PCO makes the save and tells Williams and Bandido to beat him up with the chairs. That’s fine with him as he runs the chairs over, leaving King to cannonball off the apron to take out Bandido and Williams.

The monkey flip into the second cannonball sends PCO flying onto the two of them as it’s all the Villains. Scurll puts Haskins in the Boston crab and PCO drops the middle rope leg, followed by a backsplash onto a chair onto Haskins. Back from a break with Haskins being saved from a superplex through a bunch of tables. That lets Bandido and Williams powerbomb King through the chairs for two in an impressive kickout. Scurll fires PCO up so PCO goes to the top, only to get hurricanranaed to the floor and through the table in a heck of a crash.

That leaves Haskins to Sharpshooter Scurll, with Williams adding a Crossface with the kendo stick. King makes the save and sends both of them to the floor for the big flip dive. Scurll backdrops PCO onto everyone but Bandido superkicks Marty outside as well. You don’t set up a luchador like that and it’s the corkscrew moonsault onto everyone and we take a break.

Back with Bandido hitting a GTS on PCO to set up the 21 Plex onto a chair with King having to make another save. Haskins and Williams beat the heck out of King with the kendo sticks and then smash a chair into his face with the stick for a bonus. Scurll comes back in with the umbrella but Bandido is up with an umbrella shot to Marty on top. Scurll snaps his fingers on top though, only to have Bandido poke him in the eye and hit the super flipping fall away slam through a table to finish Scurll at 19:03.

Result: Lifeblood b. Villain Enterprises – Super flipping fall away slam through a table to Scurll (19:03)

The Briscoes are ready to fight Dragon Lee and Rush next week, with some Spanish thrown in.

A video on the Briscoes vs. Rush/Lee wraps things up.

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