Ring of Honor
Date: July 28, 2021
Location: UMBC Event Center, Baltimore, Maryland
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman

These shows run together pretty badly most weeks, but I’m kind of looking forward to watching it most weeks. It feels like a show where you know you’re going to get something at least pretty good, putting it ahead of most these days. Coming in with low expectations and leaving happy is not a bad thing so maybe the can continue their streak here. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

We recap Mandy Leon cheating to beat Quinn McKay last week, with an assist from Angelina Love.

The Allure laughs off the idea that McKay was a challenge and that’s it for her.

Quinn McKay keeps the welcome short this week because she got hit in the head with brass knuckles. The only thing more painful than that is knowing her chances to be Women’s Champion are gone. We get the show rundown as usual.

Flip Gordon vs. World Famous CB

Before the match, Gordon says he has nothing to say until he gets his World Title shot. CB promises to make Gordon a victim. Gordon drives him into the corner to start before going to the test of strength. Some flipping around gives CB two and we take a break. Back with CB grabbing a few armdrags into an armbar, setting up some arm cranking.

Gordon isn’t having that and kicks CB into the corner for the boot choking. They head outside with Gordon hitting an ax handle off the barricade but missing a charge into the post back inside. CB is smart enough to go right back to the arm, including a hard stomp. Gordon has had it though and hits a quick Kinder Surprise, setting up Submit To Flip for the tap at 11:13.

Result: Flip Gordon b. The World Famous CB – Submit To Flip (11:13)

The Bouncers and Ken Dixon invade the commentary booth and demand they be talked about a lot more. They’re coming for the Six Man and Tag Team Titles.

Flip Gordon still has nothing to say.

Sledge vs. PCO

Danhausen is on commentary (oh dear). Sledge isn’t impressed by PCO, who shouts a lot and seems to promise violence. Oh and IT’S ALIVE IT’S ALIVE! PCO takes him down to start, with Danhausen taking credit for the mat skills. Sledge is back up with some shots to the face, which Danhausen would not recommend.

A hard collision sends us to a break and we come back with PCO hitting a powerslam into a running basement dropkick for two. They chop it out as Danhausen talks about how PCO can help him get more bags of money. A running corner clothesline sets up a t-bone suplex but PCO pops back up. PCO wins a slugout and hits some Vader running body attacks but the chokeslam is blocked.

Instead PCO shoves him outside as Danhausen has to get around swearing. The flip dive onto the apron actually connects to crush Sledge again, who is driven into the apron a few times. A poke to the eyes gets Sledge out of trouble and he drops PCO onto the concrete. PCO is back up and they shove the referee for the double DQ at 12:16.

Result: Sledge vs. PCO went to a double DQ when both shoved the referee (12:16)

Post match, the brawl is on again and has to be broken up by security.

Post break, Sledge says that isn’t over.

Dak Draper vs. Dalton Castle vs. Eli Isom

The Six Man Tag Team Title challengers from Best In The World explodes. Draper wants titles and blames the other two for not having them. Isom knew something was up with the other two. Castle promises to make people take notice. The dancing Boys rip off Castle’s shirt and we’re ready to go. It’s a brawl to start with Draper knocking Castle outside and Isom doing the same to Draper.

Isom follows with a dive but Castle is back in with a suplex to send Isom into the corner. Draper adds a flapjack to Isom and kicks Castle off the apron, meaning it’s time for some Boys attention. Castle comes back in to start throwing suplexes but Isom catches him on top with a dropkick.

A belly to back suplex brings Castle back down, only to have Draper kick Isom in the face. Back in and Isom hits a spinning belly to back suplex to drop Draper. Another dropkick puts Draper on the floor and there’s a middle rope moonsault to take him down again. Castle is back with a chair to Isom but Draper isn’t having that. The Boys get on the apron and it’s the Magnum Drop to plant Isom for the pin at 6:50, which seems to please the Boys (and maybe Castle).

Result: Dak Draper b. Dalton Castle and Eli Isom – Magnum Driver to Isom (6:50)

We run down the Women’s Championship tournament lineup to end the show.

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