Ring of Honor
Date: February 26, 2020
Location: UMBC Events Arena, Baltimore, Maryland
Commentators: Caprice Coleman, Ian Riccaboni
Host: Quinn McKay

It’s time to keep moving on as we are in Baltimore for Free Enterprise. This was Ring of Honor’s idea to get people back into things by having a free show. That’s not the worst idea in the world and if it gets people talking, so be it. Ring of Honor needs any kind of positive news it can get so maybe this helps things. Let’s get to it.

We get a Slex vignette, as he has recently signed with the company.

Alex Shelley vs. Mark Haskins

They go technical to start as neither can get very far off arm control. Haskins’ rollup might get one as Shelley backs away for a standoff. A headlock takeover works a bit better but Shelley reverses into his very spinning rollup for two. Shelley grabs la majistral into an armbar but Haskins is out in a hurry as well. Haskins kicks him in the chest and we take a break. Back with a fight over an abdominal stretch but Shelley gets flipped into a Crossface.

With that broken up, Haskins starts kicking at the chest, which just seem to annoy Shelley. A slugout gives us a double knockdown with Haskins getting up first. Shelley gets in a snap suplex for a breather and sends Haskins hard into the corner. Haskins is right back with a suplex and a Samoan driver for two as the shock is real. Back up and Shelley hits Sliced Bread into a swinging Downward Spiral. The Border City Stretch (Gargano Escape) goes on but Haskins rolls into the Sharpshooter for the tap at 11:49.

Result: Mark Haskins b. Alex Shelley – Sharpshooter (11:49)

Video on Vincent destroying Matt Taven and the Kingdom.

Dalton Castle and Joe Hendry are ready to fight, because Castle once stared down a spider in all eight eyes, even though he only has two. Castle rubs Hendry’s face because they do what people don’t expect.

Mark Haskins is ready for his World Title triple threat match, though Tracy Williams doesn’t seem thrilled.

Vincent/Bateman vs. Dalton Castle/Joe Hendry

Chuckles and Vita are in Vincent/Bateman’s corner. Bateman and Castle stare at each other to start until Castle takes him into the corner so Hendry can work on the arm. A fireman’s carry into a running shoulder has Bateman in trouble and a jumping knee gives Hendry two. Castle drops a middle rope knee and we hit the waistlock. Vincent holds out Matt Taven’s crutch for a distraction though, which just lets Hendry clothesline Bateman to the floor. Vincent finally comes in and posts Castle as we take a break.

Back with Hendry in trouble as Bateman and Vincent take turns kicking him in the ribs. Vincent gets two off a Side Effect and grabs a guillotine choke for a bonus. That’s broken up with a suplex and the hot tag brings in Castle. House is cleaned with suplexes until Vincent puts Castle on the top.

That goes nowhere as Castle slips down and catches him in a release German suplex. Vincent knocks him outside, only to have Castle get over to Hendry. That means a double fall away slam so Hendry can show off quite a bit as everything breaks down. A reverse Sling Blade puts Bateman down and there’s the facebuster to Vincent, only to have Chuckles pull Castle to the floor. Vincent hits a Dudley Dog for the pin on Hendry at 12:38.

Result: Vincent/Bateman b. Dalton Castle/Joe Hendry – Dudley Dog to Hendry (12:38)

Slex is ready to beat Flip Gordon and it doesn’t matter if it takes twenty minutes or twenty seconds.

Vincent says their future is righteous, if you dig what he is saying.

Video on Slex.

Slex vs. Flip Gordon

Slex is from Australia and calls himself The Business. Gordon goes with a headlock to start and shoulders him down. They miss each other a few times and we take an early break. Back with Back with Slex chopping away at the ropes and hitting a slingshot backbreaker to send Gordon outside. That means the suicide dive and a release suplex onto the apron keeps Gordon’s back in trouble. A very delayed vertical suplex drops Gordon for two in a good power display. Slex powerbombs him out of the corner for two more and we the chinlock.

Gordon’s comeback is cut off with a wheelbarrow suplex but it’s a double clothesline to put both of them down again. Gordon heads to the apron for an enziguri and a spinning kick to the head. The twisting Falcon Arrow gets two and we take another break. Back again with Slex hitting a hard clothesline, followed by a torture rack bomb for two more. Gordon hits a superkick and the Kinder Surprise to the floor, followed by the big moonsault. The springboard spear connects for two on Slex, followed by a Curb Stomp to put him away at 11:38.

Result: Flip Gordon b. Slex – Curb Stomp (11:38)

Post match Gordon shows respect and leaves, but here are the Soldiers of Savagery to distract Slex so Shane Taylor can run in and package piledrive him. Taylor says that since his demands have been met so he’s officially back in ROH.

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