Ring of Honor
Date: December 9, 2020
Location: UMBC Events Center, Baltimore, Maryland
Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman

The build towards Final Battle continues and it needs to hurry up as the show is in less than ten days. I’m not sure how much they can build towards the show but at least it seems like they have a lot of the ideas set up in advance. We seem to be getting Brody King challenging for the World Title, so hopefully they set up some more things here. Let’s get to it.

Quinn McKay welcomes us to the show and throws us to the end of Brody King beating Shane Taylor last week.

King says he’s coming for the World Title.

McKay throws us to Josh Woods beating Jay Lethal.

Woods is very fired up by his win.

Video on Vincent vs. Mike Bennett. Mike talks about how Vincent is insane, but Vincent wants to know why Bennett bailed on Matt Taven when he hurt his knee. Vincent was all Taven had left and they used to be friends. Now Bennett doesn’t recognize Vincent and it’s time to beat him up.

Vincent vs. Mike Bennett

Vincent starts with the mind games and drops to the floor at the bell. They switch places though and Vincent stomps him down in the corner to take over. The strike off goes to Bennett and a running forearm sends Vincent outside again. Bennett charges into an elbow though and gets dropped throat first across the top. A side suplex on the floor keeps Bennett down and we take a break.

Back with Bennett slapping him in the head over and over, setting up a superkick into a Death Valley Driver. Vincent sends him into the corner for some running elbows, only to get caught in an exploder suplex. A quick guillotine choke slows Bennett down until he drives Vincent into the corner. The spear is countered into the guillotine again so Bennett suplexes his way to freedom. Back up and they slug it out until Bennett scores with a clothesline. Now the spear connects but the piledriver is blocked. Vincent unloads on him in the corner…and the referee calls the DQ at 11:34.

Result: Mike Bennett b. Vincent via DQ when Vincent attacked in the corner (11:34)

Post break the beating is still on, with Vincent saying he’s going to make it even worse for Taven. Cue Taven with a dive off the stage so the real fight can be on. Bennett gets up and here’s Bateman to keep up the brawl until referees break it up.

Video on Rhett Titus being overlooked but joining the Foundation. Titus: “I am the Foundation.”

Mark Briscoe has picked PCO as his partners for the Tag Team Title match.

Tracy Williams didn’t win the Pure Title tournament but he was glad to get his chance against Jonathan Gresham. The Foundation is still about rebuilding this company though and now it is time to deal with some of the other veterans. That brings Williams to John Walters, who is a former Pure Champion returning to the company after ten years. Williams has fifteen minutes to beat him tonight and he’s ready to prove himself again.

John Walters explains who he is and talks about some of his bigger wins. He’s back because Pure Wrestling is back and doesn’t get how Williams says he wants to be like an old school Pure wrestler when Walters is right here. Williams isn’t ready for him.

John Walters vs. Tracy Williams

Pure Rules and Flip Gordon, who will be challenging Jonathan Gresham for the Pure Title, is on commentary. Walters headlocks him to start before they fight over wrist control. Williams takes him down into an armbar but it’s too early for any serious danger, as Walters bails to the ropes for the first time. With that not working, Williams switches to the knee as we take a break.

Back with Walters hammering away in the corner and taking out Williams’ knee. The dragon screw legwhip sets up the Sharpshooter, sending Williams straight to the ropes for his first break. A kneebar sends Walters to the ropes as well so it’s time for a slugout. Williams suplexes him down and now the Crossface has Walters in real trouble. The third rope break gets Walters out of trouble again but he goes back to the knee. Williams is fine with that as he does the same and the top rope DDT rocks Walters again. The piledriver finishes Walters at 11:41.

Result: Tracy Williams b. John Walters – Piledriver (11:41)

They shake hands post match.

We run down the Final Battle card to end the show.


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