Ring of Honor
Date: August 12, 2020

We’re going with a big guy this time in Shane Taylor. After breaking up with his tag team with Keith Lee, Taylor stuck around ROH and became TV Champion, but he was rumored to be leaving the promotion earlier this year. He hasn’t actually appeared since December, so his current status isn’t the most clear. Let’s get to it.

Video on Shane Taylor, who has his own promotion company.

Shane talks about how he elevates everyone and makes the company mean more just by being there. All that matters is Shane Taylor is money in this sport.

Ron Hunt, Taylor’s promoter, talks about how Taylor has proven himself time after time. That has been the case for the last four years and he’ll keep doing it in the future. We’ll start our look at his dominance at Best in the World 2019.

TV Title: Bandido vs. Shane Taylor

Taylor is defending and Bandido slaps him in the face to start. That ticks Taylor off so Bandido can start ducking and dodging in a fast manner. They head outside and this time Taylor catches him with a powerbomb onto the apron to take over. Back in and the chinlock goes on but Bandido kicks him in the head for the break. Another kick to the head sets up a corkscrew crossbody to send Taylor outside.

Bandido is waiting on him and it’s a running dive to take Taylor down again. Back in and another middle rope moonsault keeps Taylor in trouble but he catches a charge in the corner with something like a chokeslam. The middle rope splash gives Taylor two but Greetings From 216 is broken up. A superkick rocks Taylor but the 21 Plex is blocked with a grab of the rope. The powerbomb and a knee to the head set up a package piledriver for two on Bandido.

That means frustration sets in so Shane goes up and Bandido catches him in mid air. Bandido powerslams him for two and a shooting star gets the same. Another 21 Plex attempt is countered into the Greetings From 216 to retain the title at 12:35.

Result: Shane Taylor b. Bandido – Greetings From 216 (12:35)

Hunt talks about wanting to prove that the title reign wasn’t a fluke, so it was time to defend it again, this time against a hungry competitor. From Mass Hysteria.

TV Title: Eli Isom vs. Shane Taylor

Taylor is defending and spits on his hand during the handshake offer. Isom gets powered up against the ropes to start but comes back with a forearm. That has absolutely no effect and Taylor misses some rights and lefts in the corner. The uppercuts work well enough for Isom and he starts running the ropes, only to get knocked out of the air with a shoulder. A running dropkick puts Taylor on the floor but he easily catches the slingshot dive.

Isom manages a posting though and the baseball slide works a bit better. The suicide dive sends Taylor into the barricade but he pulls Isom down and hits a hanging DDT to the floor. A hard whip sends Isom into the barricade and a running knee to the head makes it even worse. Back from a break with Shane hitting another running knee in the corner for two. Isom bails to the floor so Shane tries the package piledriver on the apron. That’s broken up to prevent a bad case of death, only to have Taylor hiptoss him out to the floor.

Taylor’s middle rope splash misses back inside and Isom slugs away with right hands to limited avail. An enziguri works better and sends Taylor to the floor, followed by the middle rope moonsault. Back in and Isom’s frog splash gets two and a tornado DDT is good for the same. A Samoan drop gets a heck of a two but Taylor drops him with a right hand. Taylor powerbombs him into the package piledriver for two and the place goes nuts on the kickout. Not that it matters as the Greetings From 216 finish Isom at 14:08.

Result: Shane Taylor b. Eli Isom – Greetings From 216 (14:08)

Hunt says you should bet on Taylor, like you can do in Las Vegas. Like at Death Before Dishonor 2019.

TV Title: Shane Taylor vs. Flip Gordon vs. Tracy Williams vs. Dragon Lee

Taylor is defending, it’s one fall to a finish and PJ Black is on commentary. Lee is a surprise bonus challenger. Gordon and Williams slug it out to start and head to the floor, leaving Lee to bounce off of Shane. A hurricanrana sends Taylor outside so it’s Gordon taking his place, only to get dropkicked back down. Now it’s Williams coming in and getting dropkicked down as well, leaving Lee to hit the Tranquilo pose.

That’s broken up and it’s Gordon vs. Williams all over again. Williams gets the better of it and grabs a dragon sleeper with Shane making a fast save. Lee sends Shane into the corner for a slingshot kick to the face, only to miss a dropkick to Williams’ head. We haven’t had a dive in a bit so Lee takes out Williams and Gordon at the same time with a big crash.

Taylor cannonballs off the apron to take everyone out at once for the big knockdown. Back in and Gordon hits a tornado DDT on Taylor but Williams DDTs Gordon onto the top turnbuckle. Lee comes back in and starts throwing some suplexes but Taylor isn’t about to get taken down with a hurricanrana. Gordon and Williams get in a fight over a chair, allowing Gordon to knock him down. That’s about it though as Gordon walks into Greetings From 216 to retain Shane’s title at 8:26.

Result: Shane Taylor b. Flip Gordon, Tracy Williams and Dragon Lee – Greetings From 216 to Gordon (8:26)

Post match Lee stares Taylor down to set up the next match.

Taylor himself says stand for something and bow to no one. Change the game.


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