Ring of Honor
Date: January 29, 2020
Location: Center Stage, Atlanta, Georgia
Commentators: Caprice Coleman, Ian Riccaboni
Hosts: Ian Riccaboni, Quinn McKay

We’re off to Atlanta again and that could make for some interesting moments. The Final Battle fallout is officially over and we need to move on towards whatever is up next, which will eventually include Supercard of Honor. I’m not sure what to expect from this one but this show is so all over the place these days that you never can tell. Let’s get to it.

Opening recap.

We look at PCO defending against Rush, which saw a bunch of people, including NWA World Champion Nick Aldis getting involved for the no contest.

The hosts tell us to watch Free Enterprise.

Clips of Dragon Lee retaining the TV Title over Andrew Everett.

Silas Young and Josh Woods get in an argument in the back and Silas yells at Woods for almost knocking over Quinn McKay.

Video on Vincent turning on Matt Taven and forming his own team.

Vincent/Bateman vs. Sal Rinauro/Michael Stevens

Bateman pulls Stevens inside and kicks him in the face as we ring the bell. The fans chant for Bateman but sound like they’re slipping in some YOWIE WOWIE at the same time. Bateman keeps up the beating with some slow forearms and chops until Stevens hits a quick Eat Defeat.

Rinauro comes in and, after an enziguri from Stevens, gets two off a sunset flip. That’s it for the offense though as Bateman is back with the slow chops to take over again. Rinauro grabs a running Stunner but Bateman plants him with a brainbuster. Vincent gets the tag and cuts a promo….which is censored out, including a graphic saying that the statements are too controversial. Either way he pins Rinauro at 3:25.

Result: Bateman/Vincent b. Sal Rinaulo/Michael Stevens – Brainbuster to Rinauro (3:25)

Nick Aldis talks about how he’s here to save this place. Now you have Marty Scurll as the new big deal but he had to come to the NWA as a bonus. They are not friends right now and if Scurll wants a turf war with Villain Enterprises against Strictly Business, bring it on. He’s happy to team with Rush against Marty and PCO.

Here’s Shane Taylor, with the Soldiers of Savagery, to call out Joe Koff. Shane thanks him for the opportunity around here and the best year and a half of his career. If Joe wants him to stick around though, he has some demands: a Six Man Tag Team Title shot, a World Title shot, the biggest contract around and his face on every poster. Koff doesn’t get to answer.

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Clips of Jonathan Gresham beating Josh Woods via countout.

Marty Scurll says Flip Gordon is taking PCO’s place in the Six Man Tag Team Title match. The fans are all over Marty here.

Six Man Tag Team Titles: Villain Enterprises vs. Flamita/Bandido/Rey Horus

Marty, Flip and Brody King are defending. Brody and Flamita start things off with the masked one being launched into the corner. A shoulder drops Flamita again and his chop just annoys King. Back up and Flamita manages a running hurricanrana, only to get knocked down again. Marty and Bandido come in with Bandido hitting a running dropkick. A running hurricanrana is blocked and it’s a quick standoff, with the fans being behind the luchadors.

Horus and Flip come in to continue the very formalized series of tags. A running kick to the back of the head gives Horus an early two so Flip is back with a kick to the mask. Flip sends him outside so Marty can get in a running shot and we settle down a bit. King comes in to take over on Horus with a splash giving Marty two. Back from a break with Gordon clotheslining Marty by mistake, allowing the hot tag off to Bandido.

The top rope spinning crossbody takes King down again, followed by a moonsault to the floor from Bandido with the other two hitting running flip dives at the same time . Back in and Flip gets beaten down, including Bandido suplexing Flamita into a moonsault for two. Gordon is right back with a springboard spear and it’s King coming back in to start wrecking people. Everything breaks down again and the sunset flip into a German suplex gets two on Flamita.

King kicks Scurll off the apron by mistake though and Horus is back in with his springboard tornado DDT for two. Bandido’s crucifix bomb plants King again and a Spanish Fly does the same to Flip. Horus DDTs the heck out of King again and everyone is down to a VERY warm reception from the fans. Bandido and Scurll are up for the slugout with the X Knee hitting Scurll.

Back up and Scurll tries to fight off all three challengers at once, earning himself a superkick into a moonsault slam for two. Flip and King are back in for the exchange of chops, followed by the Motor City Machine Guns’ Made In Detroit for two on Bandido. Flip and King dive onto Horus and Flamita so a triple kick to the head can get two on Bandido. Marty takes way too long loading up the chickenwing though and it’s a victory roll to get Bandido the pin and the titles at 16:47.

Result: Bandido/Flamita/Rey Horus b. Villain Enterprises – Victory roll to Bandido (16:47)

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