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Summerslam Spectacular 1993
Date: August 22, 1993
Location: Mid-Hudson Civic Center, Poughkeepsie, New York
Attendance: 3,000
Commentators: Jim Ross, Gorilla Monsoon

This is a special used to hype up Summerslam and since the 1993 edition is the kind of show that needs all the help it can get. The big match here is the Steiner Brothers defending the Tag Team Titles against Money Inc. inside a cage, which has a good bit of potential. Let’s get to it.

Jim Ross welcomes us to the show and runs down the card.

Yokozuna vs. Jim Duggan

Yokozuna’s WWF Title isn’t on the line and Jim Cornette is not in his corner for some reason. Instead it’s just Mr. Fuji, which is quite the downgrade. Duggan is in his weird singlet phase here and it never looks right. We see a quick shot of Duggan holding his newborn daughter as commentary is already talking about Lex Luger. Duggan jumps him from behind to start and hammers away but the referee takes the 2×4 away, allowing Yokozuna to superkick him down.

Yokozuna chokes away and sends Duggan outside, meaning Duggan’s eyes bug out as they had a tendency to do. That doesn’t seem to bother Yokozuna as he knocks Duggan down and drops the huge leg. Duggan gets caught in a bearhug and we take a break. Back with Duggan biting his way out of the bearhug so Yokozuna chokes away in the corner again. Yokozuna misses a charge though and Duggan slugs away before finally dropping the monster with a clothesline. The three point clothesline is loaded up but Fuji grabs the leg, allowing Yokozuna to get in a shot from behind. The Banzai Drop finishes Duggan at 12:01.

Rating: D+. This was mostly a squash until the ending, when it was almost literally a squash. Yokozuna was on an absolutely amazing roll at this point and having him destroy Duggan was a great way to go. Duggan is someone who can be sacrificed for America because it is a story that works so well. This was Duggan’s last match with the company for over ten years, but he would be back on occasion.

Post match Yokozuna is a bit tired so Cornette pops up to yell about how Luger is going to beg Cornette and Fuji to call Yokozuna off at Summerslam. Cornette was bringing the fire as only he can here.

Video on Ted DiBiase trying to humiliate Razor Ramon with money, causing some bad results. DiBiase wanted to beat up 1-2-3 Kid to make things better but got pinned in a major upset.

Razor Ramon vs. Blake Beverly

Blake talks trash and gets a toothpick in the face so Blake slaps him in the face. The threat of a right hand sends Blake outside before coming back in for a headlock. Blake pulls the hair but Ramon pulls his a lot harder to escape. The punches into the discus punch rock Blake but he gets in a shot of his own to put Ramon on the floor.

Blake takes off the turnbuckle pad and whips Ramon hard into the steel as this is WAY more competitive than I would have bet on/it should be. A powerslam gives Blake two and he clotheslines Ramon right back down. Ramon whips him into the exposed buckle though and finishes with the Razor’s Edge at 6:17.

Rating: D+. Am I missing something or was this more about Blake than Ramon? I’m not sure why you would want to push half of a low level TV guy but this was a rather strange time for the company. I don’t know what they were going for here but it really did not do much good for Ramon, who is a bit of a bigger star than Blake Beverly (now Beau would have made sense but not Blake).

We look at Lex Luger getting off of the Lex Express and meeting some fans.

Jerry Lawler is in a pink Cadillac with an Elvis impersonator who insists that he is the real one. He was having dinner with JFK the other day and talking about how bad things were, which Lawler says is the same as people like Bret Hart taking a shortcut. It’s time to go for a drive.

Bret Hart is sick of Lawler talking about his family and he doesn’t even want his parents at Summerslam to see this beating.

Smoking Gunns/Tatanka vs. Reno Riggins/Barry Horowitz/Brooklyn Brawler

Billy knees Riggins down to start and Bart comes in to crank on Brawler’s arm. Tatanka comes in to crank on the arm as well but Billy comes back in to suplex Riggins down for two. Horowitz gets his own turn and snapmares Billy into a knee drop as we actually have a face in peril here. Riggins and Horowitz take turns on Billy in the corner before Brawler rakes the eyes over the top rope. Billy forearms his way to freedom and brings Tatanka back in to clean house. Everything breaks down and a high crossbody finishes Riggins at 5:03.

Rating: C. Another nothing to see match here which has been the case all show long so far. The Gunns and Tatanka are warming up for a six man against Bam Bam Bigelow and the Headshrinkers but I’m not sure how much of a success this really was. It didn’t go as long, but Billy was beaten down for a good chunk of the match and that isn’t the most inspiring match.

More of Luger and the fans.

Undertaker comes out to talk about how Giant Gonzalez’s day of reckoning is at hand. He may have no Paul Bearer or Urn but he has the Creatures Of The Night. As for what a Rest In Peace match is, it involves him pulling out Gonzalez’s organs to take his soul. I’ll let you get your mind around that as Giant Gonzalez and Harvey Wippleman come out, tell Undertaker he’ll lose, and then leave.

Luger, fans, again.

Intercontinental Title: Shawn Michaels vs. Bob Backlund

Shawn is defending and commentary continues their eternal hype of Michaels vs. Mr. Perfect at Summerslam (that went on FOREVER and there was no way they could have lived up to the hype). Shawn takes him down to start and gets in a slam before chilling on the top rope. Backlund is back up with a rather delayed slam into a backslide for two and Shawn needs a breather on the floor.

We take a break and come back with Shawn hammering away on Backlund for two and grabbing a front facelock. The comeback is on and there’s the big atomic drop but Diesel grabs the referee. Shawn uses the distraction to grab a small package with trunks for the pin at 9:54.

Rating: C-. Backlund was still in his aww shucks period here and Shawn was still on his way to greatness so they weren’t ready for a really good one yet. Also, this was hardly even a competitive match as Shawn dominated for the most part before cheating to win. These two could do something good under better circumstances, but they didn’t have those here.

We get a sitdown interview with Lex Luger, who talks about being an athletic kid growing up but then he started seriously training and learning and here he is today. The lesson is to keep working at things and eventually you can get to your goals. He wants to be an inspiration to everyone so don’t believe you can’t do something. Lex Luger is telling you to believe you can do anything. They really just had him say that.

Ludwig Borga is ready to destroy Marty Jannetty at Summerslam and wants to destroy everyone here.

Marty Jannetty vs. Duane Gill

Jannetty starts fast by cranking on the arm and takes him down into an armbar. A superkick sets up a backdrop and we hit the chinlock. Gill fights up and catches him on the top, only to get caught in a front flip faceplant (reverse Blockbuster). The top rope fist drop finishes Gill at 3:21.

Rating: D+. Now this felt like a bit of a warmup match and that is not something we have seen much of tonight. I’m not sure how much value there is in having Borga beat Jannetty but he is going to need something in there. Jannetty was still warm from winning the Intercontinental Title earlier in the year so Borga gets something out of it, but this wasn’t a great one.

We go to the Summerslam Control Center where Gene Okerlund runs down the card. I miss this kind of thing and it could still work today.

Tag Team Titles: Steiner Brothers vs. Money Inc.

The Steiners are defending in a cage with escape only. The Steiners go after DiBiase to start but IRS’s quick escape attempt is broken up without much effort. Money Inc. cuts off the champs as well so DiBiase goes up, only to get pulled down by the tights (I think you know what happens as a result). With the Steiners down, IRS goes up but Scott catches him and goes over the top, only to have DiBiase suplex him back in. Scott gets knocked down again and Rick’s escape attempt is cut off as well. The Steiners are right back with some shots to the face and go up, only to get pulled back in a hurry.

We take a break and come back with Rick suplexing IRS off of the cage and Scott sending DiBiase face first into the cage. DiBiase and Scott fight on the top but they switch places with DiBiase pulling Rick down, turning him upside down in the process for a cool visual. IRS gets whipped hard into the corner but Scott has to pull him down into an electric chair.

Some rams into the cage allow IRS and Scott to climb out at the same time but IRS comes back in to jump Rick. Scott isn’t about to be one upped and comes off the top of the cage with an ax handle to IRS’s head. DiBiase pulls Rick back down by the headgear and we take another back. Back again with Scott on the floor, leaving Rick down 2-1. Scott comes back in for the second time and watches IRS climb out again as Rick catches DiBiase on top again.

DiBiase winds up hanging by his feet from the cage but Rick isn’t smart enough to take the win. Even Gorilla isn’t sure why they would do something so stupid so both Steiners go up at once. That brings IRS back in (this cage isn’t much of a deterrent) for another save but Rick gets up over the top…..and comes back in to help Scott AGAIN. Rick gets out again and IRS tries to escape as well but Rick catches him on his shoulders. DiBiase escapes and hammers away but Scott gets out to retain at 25:00.

Rating: B. There were some weird moments in the thinking there but they didn’t stop with the violence and brawling, which is the idea of a cage match like this. Above all else, this was definitely different and I like that quite a bit. This would be it for Money Inc., making me wonder why this wasn’t on the pay per view instead, because it would have been better than almost anything else on the show.

Men on a Mission and Rapping Randy (Savage) sing some Lex Luger praises to end the show.

Overall Rating: B-. The main event more than carries this and while the show felt like a glorified Raw (which it pretty much was), it felt like something special. It didn’t exactly make me want to see the pay per view, but it had a great main event and covered every match on the show. That’s a lot better than most commercials and I’ll take that every single time.

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