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AAA Invades WrestleCon
Date: March 31, 2022
Location: Fairmont Hotel, Dallas, Texas
Commentators: Hugo Savinovich, Carlos Cabrera

In case you aren’t getting the hint, this is part of the WrestleCon series of shows over Wrestlemania weekend. This was a show that was included in the Superfan ticket so it was basically a bonus for anyone taking in every day of the convention. AAA doesn’t come stateside very often so hopefully it works out. Let’s get to it.

Note that I don’t follow AAA so I don’t know anything involving storylines and very little involving characters. I was in attendance for part of this show, as I missed the opener, then didn’t feel like sitting through the whole show. Instead I walked through the convention and came back in to see pieces of the show, which is a bit out of my ordinary.

This show is available for free on the company’s YouTube page.

Opening sequence.

Our host/ring announcer introduces commentary and starts a LUCHA chant.

Christi Jaynes/Ryan Kidd vs. Natural Classics

The Classics are Stevie Filip/Tome Filip and Jaynes dances a lot during her entrance. Jaynes’ chops have no effect on Stevie so it’s a kick to the ribs and springboard hurricanrana to bring him down. Kidd comes in for a dropkick and a handspring elbow but a Tome distraction lets Stevie hit a dropkick of his own. Tome’s jumping legdrop gets two on Kidd and Jaynes is shoved off the apron for some good heeling.

Kidd manages to avoid a charge in the corner and Stevie’s dropkick hits Tome in the back by mistake. The hot tag brings in Jaynes but her high crossbody is pulled out of the air. Everything breaks down and Jaynes moonsaults off the top and out onto Stevie. Back in and some running knees in the corner set up what looked to be a top rope elbow to give Kidd a VERY near fall (that might have been a botch). The Classics gets it together though and send Kidd outside, setting up a powerbomb into a Backstabber to finish Jaynes at 6:56.

Rating: C+. Nice opening tag here as Jaynes and Kidd were able to fire the crowd up, though seeing the Classics win kind of slowed down the energy a bit. The Classics seem like a decent enough heel team, and thankfully they dress differently (one tights, one trunks) enough to keep them separated. Jaynes felt like a huge ball of charisma here and she did well in her chances.

La Hiedra/Mini Abismo Negro/Rey Escorpion vs. Micro Man/Nino Hamburguesa/Taya

Lumberjack strap match and this is where I came into the show. Taya is Taya Valkyrie and Micro Man stands 3’3. Micro and Escorpion start things off with Micro being taken down and stomped in the back without much trouble. Back up and Micro headscissors him into an armdrag, setting up a dropkick out to the floor.

That means Escorpion can come in so Hamburguesa can crush him with a basement crossbody. Now it’s Taya coming in to armdrag Hiedra down, setting up a running hip attack in the corner. Hiedra tries to run but gets chased back inside by the lumberjacks. Everything breaks down and Micro gets thrown down, leaving Taya to get taken down for a running legdrop to the back of the head.

Micro gets dropped onto Abismo’s raised boots but Hamburguesa comes back in to clean house. Hiedra gets caught with a 619 from Micro, followed by a bulldog to Abismo. Hamburguesa knocks Abismo outside for a beating from the lumberjacks (oh yeah they’re a thing) before Taya comes in and beats up all three villains. A spinebuster drops Hiedra but Abismo comes back in with a quick piledriver. The frog splash gets two with Abismo making a save but getting crushed in the corner for his efforts. Micro and Hamburguesa hit Cannonballs in the corner, leaving Micro to roll Abismo up for the pin at 13:03.

Rating: C+. I’m never sure what to say about something like this, but if the point was having mostly uncontrolled chaos, this worked rather well. They had fun and the crowd was into it, with Micro being a cool novelty and Taya having more charisma than she knows what to do with most of the time. It was a fun match, even if the lumberjacks mostly disappeared for long stretches.

Post match here is La Empresa (who may be involved with Hiedra and company) to go after Micro, who low blows a few of them. Micro bites the back of Hiedra’s tights and rides on her back like a horse, only to be put in a trashcan and carried off. Serves him right for not bailing when he could.

NWA World Tag Team Titles: La Rebelion vs. Aerostar/Drago

La Rebelion (Bestia 666/Mecha Wolf, with Damian 666) is defending. Drago and Bestia go with some grappling to start but everything breaks down in a hurry. An assisted tornado DDT plants Bestia for two but Drago is sent outside, leaving Aerostar to get kicked down. Drago gets Rock Bottomed onto Aerostar for two, meaning Aerostar is sent outside for a beating from Damian.

Back up and Drago scores with a hurricanrana to Bestia and it’s time to send the champs outside for the dives. Aerostar takes both of them down and hits a corkscrew high crossbody for two on Bestia. Drago’s running Canadian Destroyer drops Bestia and Aerostar’s springboard Codebreaker does the same to Wolf. Code Red hits Wolf as well but he’s right back up for a shot to the face and a four way knockdown. Damian has to offer a distraction for the save and it’s a powerbomb into a Backstabber to finish Drago and retain the titles at 7:45.

Rating: B-. I got into this one more as you had the high flying vs. the power(ish)/cheating from the champs. It was another wild match, which is what you have to expect on a AAA show, but it had more of a story than most. Aerostar/Drago are a team that got a lot of attention during Lucha Underground and they are still good here. It’s hard to fathom that the NWA World Tag Team Titles wound up on La Rebelion, but they seem passable for short term champs.

Abismo Negro Jr./Arez/Faby Apache vs. Aramis/Mr. Iguana/Octagon Jr.

Yeah I’m going to be lost here. Aramis and Abismo (not to be confused with Mini Abismo from earlier) start things off with the usual flips and escapes until Aramis gets a sunset flip for two. A headscissors drops Abismo again but he’s back up with a dropkick to send Aramis to the floor. That means Octagon can come in with some springboard dropkicks to send Abismo outside as well.

We settle down to Iguana armdragging Apache and then using his iguana puppet (oh boy) to wristdrag her as well. Iguana shrugs off some double teaming and armdrags Abismo before doing the same to Arez. Back up and Arez cleans house, including dropping Iguana and knocking the other two off the apron. Apache puts Iguana in a surfboard for a top rope double stomp from Arez so Octagon comes in for a change. More triple teaming has Octagon in trouble as well and Iguana’s save is cut off.

The villains (I’m assuming) take turns BEATING UP THE PUPPET, including a piledriver and a legdrop as Iguana panics on the apron. We pause for the referee to give the puppet CPR (as I realize I made the right call in checking out the con during this match) before extended posing allows Octagon to come back in with a springboard hurricanrana. Everything breaks down and the heroes hit stereo dives to the floor before we settle back down to Octagon chopping Arez.

Abismo comes in and gets anklescissored into a very spinning headscissors to the floor. It’s off to Abismo vs. Aramis in a pose off until Abismo gets armdragged into the ropes. A springboard wristdrag sends Abismo outside so Arez comes in, only to crash outside with Aramis. Iguana is back up with a running dive into an armdrag (he likes those) to Arez on the floor. Octagon and Aramis take down Apache and Arez for stereo near falls before the villains do the same to them. Back up and Apache and Arez are kicked to the floor as well, setting up the required dives. That leaves Iguana to hit a spinning bulldog to finish Abismo at 14:00.

Rating: C+. This one was a bit too ridiculous for my taste, with stuff like the puppet being more than a little much. That being said, Iguana certainly has charisma and the fans liked what they were seeing from him. Octagon felt like a star and Arez/Aramis did well while they were in there. Apache is a name I’ve heard a good bit about before but she didn’t have the chance to do much here, which was also the case for the less famous Abismo. Fun match, but this kind of stuff can get a little exhausting in a hurry.

La Empresa vs. Drago Kid/Jack Cartwheel/Pagano

La Empresa are Gringo Loco (from MLW)/Puma King (from MLW)/Sam Adonis (Corey Graves’ brother and VERY American). Granted the team’s graphic is listed as “La Empresa AND Gringo Loco” but we’ll go with the simple version. Puma King and Adonis are part of the Trios Champions as well, but with DMT Azul rather than Loco so I’m as lost as you are (assuming you are lost in the first place that is).

Anyway, Puma and Pagano start things off with Pagano grinding away at a headlock. Puma reverses into one of his own before dropping Pagano with a flying mare into an armdrag. Pagano is back up with a springboard…drop back down onto his feet before kicking Puma down a few times. Adonis comes in and gets hurricanranaed by Cartwheel, followed by a dropkick to send him outside.

Loco comes in for a showdown with Cartwheel (there’s something I didn’t expect to say) but instead it’s Drago (who is TINY) coming in to pick up the pace. Loco is sent outside so it’s back to Adonis, who gets hurricanranaed again. Puma superkicks Drago to the floor but gets to face both Cartwheel and Pagano at the same time. Well maybe just Cartwheel, as Pagano goes back to the apron, albeit after some intense glaring. That leaves Puma and Cartwheel to tumble around a bit until Cartwheel’s slingshot….something lands on Puma’s raised boots.

Pagano comes back in to strike away at Puma, setting up a scoot powerslam for two. Everything breaks down and Adonis gets hurricanranaed for the third time, with this one sending him into Pagano’s right hand. Puma gets hurricanranaed by Cartwheel but Loco is back in for a cheap shot to take over. Empresa triple teams Drago, including an assisted faceplant, to take over, meaning we get some heelish staring at the crowd.

Adonis hits a 450 on Pagano but Drago makes a save. That leaves Drago to clean house with a bunch of hurricanranas (including ANOTHER to Adonis), setting up a big dive to the floor. Cartwheel comes back in for a more flippy version of the same sequence, leaving Pagano and Adonis for the big (by comparison) man chop off. Pagano gets up top for a hurricanrana before Cartwheel comes back in to….I think forget to go forward on a running shooting star press to Puma (as he did the flip but landed where he started rather than on Puma).

That lets Puma hit a powerbomb and go up top, where Drago hits a super hurricanrana. Drago tires it again on Loco but gets countered into a sitout superbomb for two. Adonis drops Pagano but Cartwheel comes off the top with a shooting star to break it up (mostly missed but he caught Adonis’ legs, which is an improvement in his case). Drago and Cartwheel both hit running flip dives onto Puma and Adonis, leaving Loco to miss a split legged moonsault on Pagano. That leaves Pagano to grab an Air Raid Crash to finish Loco at 17:32.

Rating: C+. It was the biggest of the six person tags so far but MY GOODNESS ENOUGH WITH THE HURRICANRANAS! I know it’s one of the signature moves but they had to have at least twenty of them in there. That was getting more than a bit old, but Pagano and Adonis were there to add some size and make things a bit better. Another fun match in a series, but having so many of the same style match in a row is starting to wear thin.

Post match La Empresa beats Pagano down with a chair and the American flag.

Cruiserweight Title: Bandido vs. Flamita vs. Laredo Kid

Kid is defending and this is the match on the show I wanted to see in person. Flamita gets double teamed to start but is smart enough to bail to the floor for a breather. That leaves Bandido to headscissor Laredo to the floor but Flamita is back in with a superkick to break up the dive. Flamita hits a dropkick/tornado DDT combination to drop the other two and Laredo is knocked outside again.

Bandido is sent outside with him but Laredo is back in with a DDT on Flamita. That means a big dive to the floor can take out both challengers at once, followed by a 450 onto both of them back inside. Back up and Flamita slips out of Bandido’s one armed gorilla press so Bandido puts Flamita in a Gory Stretch.

Then he leans back so Flamita can pick up Laredo on top, setting up a Gory Bomb/powerbomb combination to leave Bandido as the only one standing. Laredo breaks up the 21 Plex and Flamita goes up top for a double moonsault DDT. There’s a powerbomb to Laredo but Bandido springboards in with a West Coast Pop for two on Flamita. Bandido takes Flamita up top, only to get knocked to the floor by Laredo. With Flamita still on top, Laredo hits a super Spanish Fly to retain the title at 8:08.

Rating: B. It was short but energetic, which is what you probably expected from a match like this. I’m wondering if the show was running long, as this felt like the most interesting match on the card and it got very little time by comparison. The spots and stunts are always impressive though and Bandido feels like a star, so this was good stuff all around. Also, just having something that wasn’t a team match for a change was nice and made it stand out that much more.

Psycho Clown vs. Black Taurus

If there is a story here, it isn’t being explained (at least not in English). For some reason it’s just Taurus on the graphic, despite being Black Taurus everywhere else. Granted he’s from AAA so I guess this is right by definition. An exchange of shoulders doesn’t get either of them very far so they try sweeping the legs for two each.

Taurus headbutts him up against the ropes but gets backdropped out to the floor. The flip dive takes Taurus down again but he’s right back with a kick to the head inside. Clown’s snap powerslam gets two and Taurus rolls outside, where Clown hits a middle rope moonsault to take him down again. Back in and la majistral gives Clown two more (just because he’s a clown doesn’t mean he doesn’t know technique) but Taurus is right back with a pop up Samoan drop for two.

Code Red gives Clown another two and a running corkscrew dive to the floor drops Taurus again. Taurus is right back with an over the shoulder backbreaker and it’s time for a table, because that translates around the world. For some reason Taurus goes up top, allowing Clown to whip him with some kind of a belt. A spear through the table gives Clown the pin at 9:14.

Rating: C. It was a hard hitting brawl but the table felt out of place and didn’t really add much. Much like the previous match though, it was nice to see something different and it helped a good bit. Clown’s music alone is worth a listen as it’s really catchy, but this didn’t feel much like a main event. Commentary called it a dream match, but they didn’t really sell that and it hurt a good bit.

Post match La Empresa runs in and beats Clown down, with Jeff and Karen Jarrett joining in. Adonis explains that they are together and someone from the crowd gives Jeff a cane for some shots. Jeff says he is the brains and money behind La Empresa (sounds like a reveal) and choking with the American flag ensues. They even steal Clown’s mask and Jeff calls the fans basura (trash) before posing over Clown (covered with the flag). The villains leave to end the show.

Post show (not shown), Clown got his mask back and, from under the flag, thanked the fans for coming and left.

Overall Rating: C+. The show, or at least what I saw of it in person, was fun and it was cool to get to see an actual lucha libre show live, but it’s not something I would want to watch regularly. It certainly wasn’t bad, but some of the matches got repetitive as you can only have so many six person tags or wild matches before it loses its charm. I did like it and the dives are cool, but it’s more of a one off night than anything else.

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