Just him? There are very few wrestlers in the history of WWE on the same level as Brock Lesnar. Immediately upon his debut, Lesnar was presented as The Next Big Thing and he has been a monster in the company during his on and off career. It means something for a wrestler to be paired with Lesnar, but there is reportedly one name that he would not work with for some reason.

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One of the feature matched at Survivor Series 2017 was AJ Styles vs. Lesnar in a battle of World Champions. Styles defeated Jinder Mahal to win the WWE Title less than a month before the match, following an announced match between Mahal and Lesnar. According to Road Dogg on his Oh You Didn’t Know podcast, Lesnar had no problem working with Mahal, but rather felt that he could have a better match with Styles. Dogg said he had never heard of Lesnar not wanting to work with anyone in WWE, save for only Kevin Owens. There was no word on why Lesnar did not want to work with Owens.

Lesnar can be quite the beast. Check out what he can do in the ring:

Opinion: That’s quite the aside to be thrown in, but it does clarify something about the Mahal match. Lesnar being willing to work with Mahal is a bit surprising given Mahal’s reception as WWE Champion, but he was probably right in that the Styles match would have been better. I’m curious about why Lesnar would not want to work with Owens, and now I’d kind of like to see them face off.

What do you think of Lesnar not wanting to work with Owens? Who would you like to see Lesnar face? Let us know in the comments below.

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