It’s more than a place for horses. Stables and factions are a rather popular concept in wrestling as there’s something to be said about looking at a group of wrestlers being grouped together as a big unit. They’re undergoing a renewed push in WWE at the moment with the Shield, the New Day, the former Wyatt Family and the former Authority getting a lot of time in recent years. But where do they stack up?

On their Instagram page, WWE has posted a list of the Top Ten Factions of All Time. The list mainly includes WWE groups, though there is one from NXT and one who never appeared in the company whatsoever. Three of them are currently still active and formed only in the last five years. The list goes back well over thirty five years and includes a variety of groups from throughout wrestling history.

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It’s been discussed before.

WWE Classics- Legends of Wrestling: Factions

Opinion: I know it’s fondly remembered (and with good reason) but the Hart Foundation was only around for about nine months, which isn’t quite long enough to be this great. Nexus never actually won anything of note and failed in its main goal to make Wade Barrett WWE Champion. Also, no Heenan Family or Dangerous Alliance? The talent alone in the latter should make it a top five version, at least above the Hart Foundation. Finally, the Undisputed Era over say, the Corporation or the Nation of Domination? Really? I can’t go with that.

Which of these factions is your favorite? What did WWE leave off the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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