Bring him on? There is a deep history of celebrities getting involved in wrestling, with some of them being a bit more successful than the others. That is always going to be the case, as you never know how well someone is going to do when they step into the wrestling world. It is different than anything else you are going to find and now someone else is dipping their Twitter finger into the world.

Wrestling and music have been colliding a bit more than usual in recent months, with Bad Bunny leading the charge. After his debut at the Royal Rumble, Bunny has become a near staple on Monday Night Raw and is rumored to be getting in the ring at WrestleMania 37. Bunny isn’t the only one, as rapper Bow Wow has been training to begin wrestling in the future as well. Now another one is trying their hand, though it isn’t exactly physical.

Rapper Soulja Boy sent out a tweet on Saturday, saying that the rap industry was “faker than WWE”. Both T-Bar and Randy Orton responded, talking about the injuries and damage that they both have taken over the course of their careers. Boy later responded as well, asking if Orton knew who he was and promising to bring “the REAL to wrestling”.

Gerald Brisco, 74, also got involved, threatening to show Boy how fake wrestling is and drive him to the hospital after. Later, Orton tagged Boy in a tweet showing Sheamus and Drew McIntyre’s backs after their No DQ match on Monday Night Raw, asking if this is what Boy meant by “fake”. Boy’s final response bragged about his net worth being $30 million to Orton’s $11 million and said he would not argue with a man who wore leather thongs.

Boy is arguing with some talented stars. Check out their better efforts in the ring:

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Opinion: Where do you even start? Ignoring the image of 74 year old Brisco taking Boy down with a kneebar or something similar, this whole thing is one of those situations that you would only find in wrestling. It is such a mess but also rather entertaining. I can’t imagine Boy getting involved with wrestling, but it certainly made for an interesting situation for a few days.

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