Shake it off? WWE is a place where things can change at a moment’s notice. It might be due to a quick injury, a storyline change or the fans just not reacting to someone in the desired way. Sometimes these changes are necessary to keep things moving in the right direction, or just to freshen things up a bit. That’s the case this week as things will be changed in a big way. There’s some other stuff going on as well though, and that’s what we’re heading today.

Here are last week’s results if you need a recap. has released its official preview for this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. The preview is centered around the Superstar Shakeup but there are other stories as well, many of which stem from last week’s show and WrestleMania 34 in general. At the moment there is no word on how tonight’s Superstar Shakeup will work, meaning names could be announced as either leaving or debuting on the show this week. Here are the featured stories for this week’s show.

Both brands get shake up

Superstars speculate over next week's Superstar Shake-Up: Raw Exclusive, April 9, 2018

Who will battle Cesaro & Sheamus at WWE Greatest Royal Rumble on April 27?

Braun Strowman & Nicholas relinquish the Raw Tag Team Titles: Raw, April 9, 2018

Bayley and Sasha Banks settle their differences

Bayley gets payback against Sasha Banks: Raw, April 2, 2018

Will Ronda Rousey face repercussions after attacking Stephanie McMahon again?

Ronda Rousey puts Stephanie McMahon in an Armbar: Raw April 9, 2018

Will Roman Reigns get his hands on Samoa Joe?

Samoa Joe looks to pick a fight with Roman Reigns at WWE Backlash: Raw April 9, 2018

What “unfinished business” does Bobby Lashley have in WWE?

Bobby Lashley returns to Raw to take out Elias: Raw April 9, 2018

Opinion: This could be all over the place. At the end of the day, Monday Night Raw needs to be changed around a bit but there’s a lot of stuff that could make things worse. Last week’s show saw a bunch of changes being made but there’s a good chance that several of those people will be moving to SmackDown Live later in the week. The chance of names coming up from NXT makes things even more interesting.

What do you want to see happen tonight? Who needs to come to Monday Night Raw? Let us know in the comments below.


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