How can they go seven months between major shows for a promotion these days? Somehow they’ve managed to do it around here, though in this case the company has done a lot of growing up in between. The card is rather stacked and one that I could go for almost anything on the show. There are some interesting looking matches around here so let’s get to it.

Travis Banks vs. Noam Dar

Ok so they can’t all be winners. This feels pretty tacked on for the sake of getting both guys on the card and it’s not like there is anyone else who needs to be on the show (certainly no Irish Ace). Dar is a rather nice smarmy heal (as I continue to go back and forth on him) and Banks is someone who looks like he could be a big deal but is trying to get out of the blocks.

The man has some confidence:

Since they both need a win, I think I’ll go with Banks here, but I’m already not the most confident. Dar is someone they really like to push and I can get why, but Banks seems to have a lot more potential as a top star. This feels like a match used to let the crowd come down from a bigger one later, though it still seems like it would be better suited as a dark match.

Dave Mastiff vs. Joe Coffey

These two are victims of some bad timing as they get to have a big man hoss fight three days after Keith Lee and Dominick Dijakovic tore the roof off of Full Sail. This is a Last Man Standing match to give it some flavor and there is actually a decent history here. They fought to a draw earlier, though what you might not remember is Coffey defeating Mastiff in last year’s #1 contenders tournament, which I believe is Mastiff’s only televised pinfall loss in the company. They’ve protected the heck out of him and that could pay off here.

The previous battle was a big one:

I think I’ll actually go with Mastiff here as Coffey can bounce back better from a loss. Mastiff is someone they have treated like a special monster and under the right circumstances, he could have a big time TV match against Walter for the UK Title down the line. Giving him a win over Coffey here would go a long way towards that and I don’t think they’re going to pull the plug on Coffey just yet.

Tag Team Titles: Grizzled Young Veterans(c) vs. Flash Morgan Webster/Mark Andrews vs. Gallus

This match doesn’t feel like it has much of a story but at the same time, I have no idea who wins here. You have the heat magnet champions, the young home country stars and then the established team who could become monster heels if they win the titles. While the Veterans have a great point that Webster and Andrews got into the match by winning singles matches (which is weird), this really could go any of the three ways.

Fight before the fight:

I’ll take…dang I’m not sure here. Uh….Webster and Andrews I guess, though I don’t have much confidence in it. They seem like they would be transitional champions (maybe dropping the titles to Gallus or Imperium) at best and that’s fine, but give the fans something to cheer for here with the improbably win. It would make the most sense, and hearing Zack Gibson rant about how they got cheated out of the titles could be some great stuff.

Women’s Title: Toni Storm(c) vs. Kay Lee Ray

This has had a nice build, though I’m still wondering what was up with that weird promo where Storm seemed to be drunk or whatever it was. Ray has done a good job of getting inside Storm’s head, though I still don’t feel like I know anything about her. She isn’t really developed in any way and that’s a bit of a problem (although that’s the case with a lot of people on this roster). Storm isn’t much better but she’s an established star.

How did Ray get here:

We’ll say Ray wins here to give us another new champion, though I’m not sure where that leaves Storm. She’s easily the top star in the women’s division and doesn’t have many real challengers, though she could be used to help bring some new talent up (without putting them over that is). Ray needs the title more than Storm does at this point and while I expect to see Storm in regular NXT by this time next year, I think she loses here as she needs to be away from the title for a bit.

United Kingdom Title: Walter(c) vs. Tyler Bate

Walter is the undisputed monster champion of the promotion and that means he needs someone to slay him. Who better than the former champion and eternally undersized Bate? These two had an instant classic in London for Progress with Bate coming this close to winning the Progress World Title and sending the fans into a full on riot but can they do that again here? And with a different ending?

Behold the Big Strong Boy:

In short, yes and no, as I think the match is great but Walter wins in the end. It’s going to take someone very special to take the title from Walter and while Bate is special, I don’t think Walter has had enough of a reign to drop the title just yet. Bate is going to fight his heart out but come up short in the end. That is going to give us some incredible near falls though and that is going to carry the whole thing.

Overall Thoughts

The more I look at this card, the less sure I am of the whole thing. Bate’s push towards the title should be good and the Welsh guys winning the Tag Team Titles could be a great moment, but the rest of the card looks a little shaky. Now if they do put Cesaro vs. Pete Dunne on as rumored, things will be that much better in a hurry, because those two will beat the fire out of each other. The card should be good, but it is far from a guarantee of a great show.

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