Date: June 10, 2020
Location: WWE Performance Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Mauro Ranallo, Beth Phoenix

We’re done with Takeover: In Your House and the only major change was Io Shirai winning the Women’s Title. Other than that, Adam Cole is still NXT Champion and needs a new challenger. Tonight he faces Dexter Lumis in a match that has me worried. Finn Balor and Keith Lee would seem to be the next big challengers so let’s get to it.

Takeover recap.

Here’s the Undisputed Era for a chat. Adam Cole talks about how he’s still champion because while Velveteen Dream is a great challenger, but he’s not Adam Cole bay-bay. As for what’s next, what difference does it make? The rest of the team yells about Lumis being weird and stuffing them in a trunk (Strong: “YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I HATE BEING STUFFED IN TRUNKS!”). Strong keeps thinking he seems Lumis in the crowd and Cole is tired of hearing about it. Cole has this tonight, so don’t worry about Lumis. As the team is leaving, Lumis pops up and Strong panics.

Post break, the Era runs into Keith Lee and Mia Yim. Lee likes the look of the NXT Title but Cole says in his dreams.

Keith Lee/Mia Yim vs. Johnny Gargano/Candice LeRae

They yell at each other to start until Lee picks Candice up and moves her to the side. Gargano and LeRae’s stereo hurricanranas don’t work and are countered into…well most of a Super Collider, minus the powerbombs. The women finally start and Candice is thrown straight into the ropes for some shots to the face. The fight heads outside and Lee has to catch Yim in a moment that takes Mauro by surprise. Gargano and LeRae are dropped face first onto the apron and we take a break.

Back with Yim being knocked into the corner, only to have Mia hit Soul Food. The hot tag brings in Lee to beat up Gargano, including Grizzly Magnum. A crazy high toss sends Gargano flying so LeRae tags herself in. That’s fine with Lee, who carries both of them at once. LeRae’s DDT is blocked with ease so Gargano kicks him in the head to make the DDT work. Yim is back in with a kick to the face and a dragon suplex drops Candice again.

Gargano makes the save so Mia hammers on him as well, including a German suplex. Candice hits Soul Food on Mia though and a Lionsault gets two. Gargano comes back in but Mia low bridges him to the floor, allowing her to kick at Candice. Lee Pounces Gargano right into Mia though, allowing Gargano to hit the slingshot suplex, right onto LeRae. Lee immediately checks on her and picks her up, but Gargano rolls him up for the pin at 10:48, sending Candice flying in the process.

Result: Johnny Gargano/Candice LeRae b. Mia Yim/Keith Lee – Rollup to Lee (10:48)

We look at Finn Balor beating Damian Priest at Takeover.

Priest wouldn’t change a thing and wanted the match for a reason. The match was the next step in Priest’s name living forever and he accomplished his progress.

Cameron Grimes is ready for Finn Balor tonight but doesn’t think much of Priest’s loss. Priest comes up and decks Grimes with a forearm to the jaw.

Video on Io Shirai winning the Women’s Title, with Asuka and Shinsuke Nakamura being excited for her.

Indus Sher vs. Mike Reed/Mikey Delbrey

Reed gets kicked in the face to start and a running splash in the corner makes it worse. A side slam/middle rope legdrop combination (with the leg possibly not coming close) finishes Reed at 1:05.

Result: Indus Sher b. Mike Reed/Mikey Delbrey – Side slam/middle rope legdrop combination to Reed (1:05)

Cameron Grimes is claiming a broken jaw and doesn’t think he can wrestle tonight. William Regal wants to hear it from Grimes himself.

Post break Grimes is hitting on some women and doesn’t know that Regal is watching from a tablet. Grimes instantly remembers his injury so Regal says the match is on.

Video on Breezango, who need to take things more seriously. It’s not that they can’t go in the ring, because Fandango debuted at Wrestlemania and won (against someone not worthy of naming). They’re going to be entertaining but take things seriously, starting next week against Imperium for the Tag Team Titles.

We look at Karrion Kross beating Tommaso Ciampa in pretty dominant fashion.

Ciampa stayed late after Takeover was over but didn’t have anything to say.

Rhea Ripley isn’t happy with her loss but here’s the still disheveled Robert Stone to offer a partnership. Ripley doesn’t seem impressed but he thinks it’s a maybe. She hits him low and slams him onto a crate. I’m curious where the Stone deal is going, though it’s not likely to mean much.

Finn Balor vs. Cameron Grimes

Grimes hides in the corner to start before getting his arm caught in a hammerlock. Some uppercuts knock Balor to the ropes but he’s right back with an elbow to the face. Balor kicks him down and we hit the chinlock to slow things down. Back up and some running chops in the corner rock Grimes again and the fans seem to approve. Grimes takes him down by the leg but needs to stop for a rub of his sore chest.

Balor rolls through a sunset flip into a basement dropkick though and they head outside. That’s fine with Balor, who can hit a running chop and a whip into the barricade. Back in and Grimes hits a heck of a clothesline to set up his own chinlock, which seems a bit more appropriate. Grimes runs him over again and we take a break.

We come back with Grimes shouting a lot until Balor kicks him out of the corner. There’s the Sling Blade into the John Woo dropkick but the Coup de Grace misses. Grimes is back with a forearm to the face and 1916 is countered into a small package for two. A spinning slam gives Grimes two but Balor avoids a charge and hits the reverse 1916 for two more. The Coup de Grace into the 1916 finishes Grimes at 12:37.

Result: Finn Balor b. Cameron Grimes – 1916 (12:37)

Post match Balor calls out Keith Lee for a North American Title match.

Dakota Kai vs. Kacy Catanzaro

Raquel Gonzalez is here with Kai. Kacy takes her down in a hurry for a slingshot hilo and they’re on the floor in a hurry with Catanzaro snapping off a hurricanrana. Back in and a slingshot kick takes Kai down again. This time though, Kai sends her face first into the buckle but charges into a sunset flip for two. Kai is back with the scorpion kick into the GTK for the pin at 2:29.

Result: Dakota Kai b. Kacy Catanzaro – GTK (2:29)

Post match the beating continues but Kayden Carter runs out for the save. Gonzalez takes Carter out though and the villains stand tall.

Timothy Thatcher is training some unseen wrestlers and promises to make it barbaric and violent. They will begin next week after their legal clearances are in.

Here’s El Hijo del Fantasma for a chat but before he can say much, here’s Drake Maverick to interrupt. Maverick wants to say congratulations because Fantasma is a phenomenal competitor. People have been talking about Drake’s situation but it should be about Fantasma, who debuted in this tournament and then won it. However, Maverick has been curious what would have happened had his head been clear last week (though he said that it was last week) and now he knows he can beat Fantasma.

The champ is down but here are the masked men from last week….and Fantasma headbutts Drake. The other two come in for the big beatdown, with the masked men unmasking as Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza. Fantasma gives Drake the Phantom Driver and unmasks himself, saying his name is Santos Escobar. Wilde and Mendoza hit stereo top rope splashes and the trio poses.

The Undisputed Era is in their dressing room and Strong finds a drawing from Lumis. Panic ensues but Cole says he’s got this. Cole and Fish leave and Strong sees Lumis looking through the window.

Next week, Tegan Nox and Shotzi Blackheart get a Women’s Tag Team Title shot. Also, Imperium defends against Breezango.

Dexter Lumis vs. Adam Cole

Non-title and Strong/Fish are here with Cole. Lumis takes him into the corner to start so Cole stomps away. That goes nowhere and Lumis kicks away without much trouble. Cole bails to the floor and comes back in to stomp away. Lumis powers him up and throws him away, with Cole bailing to the apron. This time Cole kicks him down and we take a break.

Back with Cole dropping him for two and hammering away at Lumis’ head. Lumis is starting to get annoyed so Cole drops him with a neckbreaker. This time Lumis fights up with a bulldog into a slingshot suplex for two. Lumis’ German suplex gets two but Cole snaps off a superkick for two more.

There’s a spinebuster to plant Cole but he sends Lumis to the floor. Lumis crawls underneath the ring though and grabs another spinebuster for another two. The Swanton hits knees but Lumis is right back with the head and arm choke. Fish offers a distraction though and Strong makes the save to overcome his fear. The Last Shot finishes Lumis at 12:20.

Result: Adam Cole b. Dexter Lumis – Last Shot (12:20)

Post match Cole talks trash but Lumis pulls him into the choke. The rest of the team comes in, drawing in Velveteen Dream for the save. Cole is left alone in the ring….and there go most of the lights. Cue Scarlet to put an hourglass on the apron. Fans: “TICK TOCK!” Scarlet leaves and Cole is worried to end the show.

Overall Rating: B-. This was a good fallout show from Takeover and you can see a lot of where things are going from here. I’m not sure how that is going to work as we could be months away from another Takeover, but NXT knows how to set up some big TV shows in advance. This week was about setting up for the future in a hurry and that isn’t a bad idea in this situation.

Johnny Gargano/Candice LeRae b. Mia Yim/Keith Lee – Rollup to Lee
Indus Sher b. Mike Reed/Mikey Delbrey – Side slam/middle rope legdrop combination to Reed
Finn Balor b. Cameron Grimes – 1916
Dakota Kai b. Kacy Catanzaro – GTK
Adam Cole b. Dexter Lumis – Last Shot

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