Date: August 23, 2022
Location: Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Wade Barrett, Vic Joseph

We’re done with Heatwave and now it is on to Worlds Collide. NXT UK’s top names (and some others) have invaded and we are less than two weeks away from a bunch of showdowns between NXT and NXT UK, which does have potential. Odds are we get a lot of build towards this week so let’s get to it.

We open with a long recap of Heatwave and Tyler Bate appearing at the end of the show.

Here is Bron Breakker to get things going. He talks about his win over JD McDonagh last week and gets to the point: Tyler Bate needs to get out here right now. Bate comes to the ring and congratulates Breakker on a hard fought win last week. With that out of the way, Bate says he’s the first and last United Kingdom Champion and with NXT Europe around the corner, he can think of nothing better than to unify these titles. Breakker is down and they hold up the titles.

Video on Gallus.

Fallon Henley had to be held back from Lash Legend in the back.

NXT UK Tag Team Titles: Brooks Jensen/Josh Briggs vs. Gallus

Wolfgang and Mark Coffey are challenging for Gallus, with Joe Coffey and Fallon Henley as the seconds. Briggs gets taken into the corner to start the beating fast but it’s quickly off ot Jensen to pick up the pace. Jensen gets pummeled by Mark though and his mouth is busted, even as Wolfgang snapmares him over for two. The champs are in trouble as we take a break.

Back with Mark taking Jensen down and grabbing a front facelock to keep him down. That’s broken up and the hot tag brings in Briggs to clean house. Cue Lash Legend to jump Henley, with Pretty Deadly joining in. The champs go after Pretty Deadly and get counted out at 8:45.

Result: Gallus b. Brooks Jensen/Josh Briggs via countout (8:45)

Post match Diamond Mine runs in to go after Gallus and everyone has to be separated.

It’s time for Chase U, with special guest instructor Charlie Dempsey. A volunteer gets taken down and stretched with ease, before doing the same to Bodie Hayward, complete with some nose ripping. Andre Chase has to call him off because Dempsey doesn’t seem to get the point. Dempsey calls the class soft and leaves.

Here is Grayson Waller for the debut of his Grayson Waller Effect talk show. After hyping up his Instagram, we get to the guest, with APOLLO…..Crews. We get some seat adjustment from Crews before Waller asks what happened to Crews’ accent. Crews brings the accent back, but he’s still a Nigerian warrior with or without it. He won the Intercontinental Title at Wrestlemania XXXVII but Waller would rather talk about Crews’ abilities to see the future.

Waller asks about Crews seeing Diamond Mine laid out and thinks he had something to do with it, which has Crews on his feet. We have a question from Grayson from Australia: what is going to happen when Crews gets run out of NXT? Apollo from Orlando has a question for Waller: how does it feel to be a low budget Miz? Waller brings up Crews’ kids, so Crews promises to win a title around here soon and punches him out.

Pretty Deadly and Gallus have to be separated again backstage.

Video on Tyler Bate.

Mr. Stone and Von Wagner are ready to hurt Tyler Bate.

Javier Bernal vs. Cameron Grimes

Last week, Bernal annoyed a security guard, who wasn’t pleased. Schism is watching from the platform and wishes Grimes luck. Bernal claims an early poke to the eye to jump Grimes, earning himself a kick to the gut. Some more shots from Bernal are shrugged off and Grimes almost drops him on his head with a faceplant. The Cave In, plus a glare at Schism, finishes for Grimes at 2:31.

Result: Cameron Grimes b. Javier Bernal – Cave In (2:31)

Video on Blair Davenport.

Video on Alba Fyre.

Blair Davenport vs. Indi Hartwell

Hartwell grabs an early headlock takeover and grinds away before being sent to the apron. A dropkick knocks Hartwell to the floor but she blocks a posting. Back in and a neckbreaker sets up a cobra clutch on Hartwell, before Davenport jumps on her back for a sleeper. With that broken up, Hartwell spinebusters her for two but Davenport pulls her off the top and hits something like a Snowplow for the pin at 3:46.

Result: Blair Davenport b. Indi Hartwell – Snowplow (3:46)

Post match Davenport says that she was #1 contender to the NXT UK Women’s Title so she’ll take the NXT Women’s Title instead. Cue Mandy Rose, who wants some respect on her name. Cue Meiko Satomura to say she’s the real champion instead of Rose. The challenge seems to be on but Davenport wants in on this. Satomura: “TRIPLE THREAT MATCH!”

Tiffany Stratton wants the winner of the triple threat match after she takes out Wendy Choo tonight.

Tony D’Angelo tells Legado del Fantasma that things are starting over tonight, even though they don’t look happy.

JD McDonagh, hanging upside down, seems ready to bounce back.

Wes Lee is creeped out by McDonagh but for now he’d rather talk to Kayden Carter and Katana Chance. They’re ready to face anyone and Lee is pleased.

Indi Hartwell is still sitting on the apron and says this is what rock bottom feels like. The problem isn’t Blair Davenport but Indi herself. She took a long look at herself but now she is right here four months later in the same position after Stand & Deliver. All she is doing is saying words….but here is Dexter Lumis.

We get the big hug, followed by a slightly less bigger hug. Dexter crawls to the floor and carries her out like he did in the old days. Wade Barrett is nearly sick as Dexter carries her to the door of the arena. Dexter hands her a letter, then walks outside and is arrested. The letter says “Goodbye Indi (for now). I (picture of a heart) love you).”

Cora Jade insists that she is still better than Roxanne Perez.

Dyad vs. Legado del Fantasma

Everyone else you would expect is at ringside and Cameron Grimes is watching from the platform. Legado sends them outside to start but doesn’t like Tony D’Angelo. Back in and the Dyad hits something like Poetry in Motion to take over on Del Toro. An enziguri allows the hot tag back to Wilde as everything breaks down. What looked to be the Dyad’s former Ticket To Ride is broken up, only to have the second attempt connect for the pin on Wilde at 4:57.

Result: Dyad b. Legado del Fantasma – Ticket To Ride to Wilde (4:57)

Javier Bernal is upset by his loss until he runs into a woman. The security guard (also known as Hank Walker from NXT LVL Up) tells him to respect women.

Legado del Fantasma goes to the parking lot where Santos Escobar is waiting for them in the car. Family stays together, so they get in and leave with him.

Von Wagner vs. Tyler Bate

Mr. Stone is here with Wagner. Bate gets powered down to start and there’s the gorilla press drop to leave him laying. The chinlock goes on for a bit before Bate fights up, only to have the Tyler Driver broken up. Wagner gets sent outside for a dive from Bate though and Bate hammers away back inside. A clothesline drops Bate again but he comes back with a clothesline of his own. The rebound lariat is blocked so Bate goes with Bop and Bang. A rolling capo kick sets up a t-bone suplex and the Spinal Tap finishes Wagner at 6:08.

Result: Tyler Bate b. Von Wagner – Spinal Tap (6:08)

Diamond Mine is ready for Gallus next week but Roderick Strong isn’t included as the Creeds don’t trust him. Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen come in and a champions vs. champions match seems likely.

Wendy Choo vs. Tiffany Stratton

Lights Out meaning anything goes and Choo has to get out of bed. The lights are dimmed and the brawl is on, with Choo taking her outside for some rams into the corner. Back in and Choo hits a running shot in the corner before they go back outside for shots from….I can’t tell actually, and neither can commentary. Stratton gets in another shot to take over and we go to a break.

Back with Stratton missing a moonsault onto a chair onto Choo, who is back up with a suplex onto the chair. Choo puts on a reverse chinlock with a wrench over Stratton’s mouth but Stratton pulls hairspray from her purse to spray her way to freedom. A powerbomb onto a trashcan gives Stratton two and they both need a breather.

Back up and Choo hits her with a pillow, which is full of…..Legos. Stratton hits a fall away slam in the general vicinity of the Legos, followed by a toss to send her straight into the Legos for a better crash. Choo kicks some makeup powder into Stratton’s face though and a slam off the apron sends her through Choo’s bed. A top rope Vader Bomb gives Choo the pin at 13:02.

Result: Wendy Choo b. Tiffany Stratton – Top rope Vader Bomb (13:02)

Bron Breakker, Tyler Bate, Meiko Satomura, Mandy Rose and Blair Davenport all sign their contracts for Worlds Collide to end the show.


Gallus b. Brooks Jensen/Josh Briggs via countout
Cameron Grimes b. Javier Bernal – Cave In
Blair Davenport b. Indi Hartwell – Snowplow
Dyad b. Legado del Fantasma – Ticket To Ride to Wilde
Wendy Choo b. Tiffany Stratton – Top rope Vader Bomb

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