Not bad, all things considered. With “Tribute to the Troops 2017” all wrapped up, we’ve come to the end of another WWE Week. This week saw four straight nights of WWE programming on the USA Network, including one special that had never been seen before on network television. For the first time ever, “NXT” aired on USA, but the question wasAcc how well it would go.

According to, the USA Network airing of “NXT” drew 841,000 viewers. As a one off special there is nothing to compare the number to, but this week’s episode of “Monday Night Raw” drew 2.684 million viewers, or about three times more. Last week’s episode of “Impact Wrestling” drew 226,000 viewers. “NXT” also aired at 7pm instead of the usual 8pm slow and aired on the WWE Network in its normal time slot.

Miss the show? Here’s a look at the main event.

Aleister Black vs. Adam Cole: WWE NXT, Dec. 13, 2017

Opinion: All this considered, that’s not half bad. The show was in a weird time slot and didn’t have a ton of build. It also wasn’t even a special card and was just a regular TV show airing on a bigger network. They shouldn’t be on a major network full time, but this could lead to some more one off specials.

What did you think of this show? Would you like to see “NXT” on USA more often? Let us know in the comments below.


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