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Date: November 26, 2019
Location: GPB Studios, Atlanta, Georgia
Host: Joe Galli

So it’s time to get back to the thing of things after the big Jim Cornette issue last week. It’s going to be interesting to see where things going as a result, as I wouldn’t expect Cornette can be edited out of the whole things. They also have three shows left before Into The Fire and it would be nice to get something set up for the show. Let’s get to it.

We open with another recap of Kamille not being allowed to talk.

Opening sequence, now without the closeup of Cornette in the back.

Joe Galli is in the back on his own and welcomes us to a very special show. Tonight we will find out who Nick Aldis will be defending against at Into The Fire. No matter who it is, the match will be a 2/3 falls match.

We go to Championship Wrestling From Hollywood for an interview with Eli Drake. A lot of people have called him like Steve Austin or Ric Flair but it’s Nick Aldis who wants to be like him. Yes Eli Drake left the NWA and now Aldis is trying to be just like him. Aldis doesn’t see any opponents but look at this guy right in front of you, dummy, YEAH!

Then there is Ken Anderson comparing himself to Drake and wouldn’t that be a dream match. Drake takes his shirt off and says he sees championship material in himself. They’ve been to the same places before and they’ve been fired from the same places before but neither can stop him from being E-Li-Drake. Posing ensues.

We look at the Rock N Roll Express getting in a brawl with the Wild Cards. Their title shot comes next week.

Here are the Rock N Roll Express’ and the Wild Cards’ promos from last week.

Video on Thunder Rosa getting ready for her first mixed martial arts fight. It’s so strange to have her go from the creepy character to a real person doing real life stuff. Rosa, in her skull paint, and talks about how important her fight is and how nervous she is. Then we see her getting her hair done as she talks about working with kids.

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We look at Colt Cabana winning the National Title. Cabana will defend against whoever comes out of something involving Aron Stevens and the Question Mark.

Aron Stevens and Question Mark are ready for Mark vs. Zane Dawson in an empty arena match. If Dawson wins, Mark has to unmask but if Mark wins, the Dawsons have to recite Shakespeare.

Zane Dawson vs. Question Mark

Mark strikes away to start but gets punched in the mask. Some choking on the ropes ensues but it’s a missile dropkick into the Mongrobian Spike to finish Dawson at 1:14.

Result: Question Mark b. Zane Dawson – Mongrobian Spike (1:14)

Post match the Dawsons recite Shakespeare and Stevens is sick.

Trevor Murdoch vs. Question Mark is set for Into The Fire.

We look back at Melina’s debut.

We get a sitdown interview with Melina, who has loved wrestling her entire life because it involves people overcoming their goals and achieving their dreams, which is what she has done in her own career. Melina takes credit for flexibility and focusing on her entrance and finds it interesting that people copied her after mocking everything she did. Yes she takes care of her appearance, but that’s because she looks like a champion. The NWA Women’s Title deserves more than Allysin Kay.

There is going to be another series called Circle Squared where wrestlers can compete for a contract.

More of Thunder Rosa’s pre-fight training. She warmed up in the cage and then lost via decision.

Ashley Vox/Allysin Kay will face some combination of Melina/Thunder Rosa/Marti Belle at Into The Fire.

Eli Drake vs. Ken Anderson is set for Into The Fire.

Nick Aldis is defending the World Title against James Storm in a 2/3 falls match.


Question Mark b. Zane Dawson – Mongrobian Spike

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