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Date: February 25, 2020
Location: GPB Studios, Atlanta, Georgia
Commentators: Stu Bennett, Joe Galli

We’re rapidly approaching the Crockett Cup and that means things are starting to get interesting again. The big story is of course the World Title match between champion Nick Aldis and Marty Scurll, but other than that there are the usual shenanigans taking place around here. Let’s get to it.

We open with a quick look back at Melina granting herself a Women’s Title match.

Sean Mooney gives us the quick recap.

Opening sequence.

Here’s Tim Storm for a chat. He isn’t planning to retire because Mama Storm didn’t raise any quitters. Mama Storm is his hot button issue and as long as people stay out of that, it’s fine. Cue Thom Latimer to say that Strictly Business has moved on from Storm, who is expecting the fake Mama Storm to come out again. Instead it’s Danny Deals, who played Mama Storm. All Storm wants to do is get his hands on Deals, who thinks Storm wants nothing to do with him.

Storm is ready to grab him by the throat right now, but Deals has an offer. There is a guy behind a curtain and if Storm beats him, Storm gets to face Deals. Otherwise though, Storm has to get the guy a contract with the NWA. The guy is former NWA World Champion (and the man Storm beat to win the title), Jax Dane.

Nikita Koloff and Lex Luger want you to come to Man Camp, a Christian retreat.

Matt Cross says that he feels like he has the same things that make the NWA great: history, heart and spirit. He can live forever in that ring because wrestling is forever, and so is Matt Cross.

Ricky Starks vs. Zicky Dice vs. Matt Cross

Non-title. Dice insists that NO ONE touches his fanny pack, so the fans respond with a hearty WE DON’T WANT IT chant. Starks scares Dice to the floor to start so Dice pulls him outside as well. That leaves Cross alone inside so he dives onto both of them, as you may have expected. Back in and Starks and Cross clothesline each other so Dice comes back in, now that the heat is off. The double noggin knocker is broken up and Cross hits his springboard cutter on Starks. The shooting star press connects but Dice steals the pin on Starks at 3:19.

Result: Zicky Dice b. Ricky Starks and Matt Cross – Shooting star press to Starks (3:19)

May Valentine gives us her version of Royce Isaacs winning the six man tag a few weeks back. That night, he said I love you for the first time. May thinks Kamille isn’t a monster because she’s really nice. She has to go now because it’s time for promotional work so bye guys.

Here’s Aron Stevens for a chat. Seriously, how good is he? That’s not flying here as he gets called out for running away from title defenses and leaving Question Mark hanging out to dry. Stevens denies everything and points out his third degree black belt. Trevor Murdoch and Scott Steiner failed to win this title, so why is Murdoch fighting Question Mark?

Trevor Murdoch vs. Question Mark

Clotheslines, a missed Mongrovian Spike and the top rope bulldog finishes Mark at 37 seconds.

Result: Trevor Murdoch b. Question Mark – Top rope bulldog (0:39)

Post match Stevens runs in and beats Murdoch down with Mark’s help.

Here’s Nick Aldis for a chat. Before we get to Villain Enterprises, let’s admire how spiffy he is tonight. He’s been on fire lately and they just beat the Rock N Roll Express. From now on, it’s Nick-el down Economics and that includes Marty Scurll, who comes out to interrupt. Scurll is ready to go right now and gets in the ring but Aldis brings out Strictly Business. Cue Brody King to clean house but referees break it up.

Here’s Eddie Kingston for a chat, while he’s taping his hands. He’s ready to beat someone up and that would be Pope. The Dawsons and the Bouncers can take care of each other so it’s all about Pope vs. Kingston. Pope can come out here right now so here he is, with his own taped up hands. He doesn’t like hearing about Kingston calling him out because Pope gets what he wants. If he wants to, Pope can wine and dine anywhere, with the alcohol reference bringing out the Bouncers. Pope can afford a beer if he wants to, meaning the Bouncers jump Kingston and lay him out in the ring.

Video on Melina vs. Thunder Rosa.

Update with Sean Mooney! This week’s is about the Crockett Cup, with the Rock N Roll Express being the first entrants. Next week: the Bouncers get a Tag Team Title shot and Ricky Starks defends the TV Title against Zicky Dice.

Women’s Title: Melina vs. Thunder Rosa

Rosa is defending and the fans are WAY behind her. They talk trash to start and Rosa shoves her away….so Melina drops to the floor for the countout at 1:45. There was no significant contact whatsoever.

Result: Thunder Rosa b. Melina via countout (1:45)

Post match Allysin Kay appears in the crowd behind Melina. Kay stalks her to the ring but here’s Kamille to spear Melina down. Rosa stares at Kamille to end the show.

Roll credits.


Zicky Dice b. Ricky Starks and Matt Cross – Shooting star press to Starks
Trevor Murdoch b. Question Mark – Top rope bulldog
Thunder Rosa b. Melina via DQ

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