wMonday Night Raw
Date: November 15, 2021
Location: Gainbridge Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, Indiana
Commentators: Jimmy Smith, Byron Saxton, Corey Graves

It’s the go home show for Survivor Series and that means we should be in for some build to the show. Granted that has been the case for a few weeks now and the focus has been on whatever comes after the show instead. Maybe we can talk about the show a bit more this week, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of Kevin Owens trying to make people believe he had changed last week. Then he lost to Seth Rollins and beat up Big E. anyway.

Here is Big E. for a chat. He thanks the fans for their attention before moving on to Roman Reigns. The Usos attacked his friends and now it is time to beat Reigns like he stole something. There better be some empty beds in those Brooklyn hospitals for them because he is taking a piece of Reigns that can never come back. That’s for Sunday but this is Monday Night Raw, so he needs to talk to Kevin Owens.

Big E. wants Kevin Owens out here right now so here he is. Owens talks about how last week was his third loss in a row and of course he snapped. He talks about how he was pushed too far and now he is going to break bad on everyone in the locker room, including Big E. That’s enough for Big E., who wants to fight right now. Owens heads to the back and for once, Big E. actually follows his….with the Usos popping up to jump him from behind.

The beatdown is on, with the Usos promising that Reigns is taking him out at Survivor Series. Oh and RKBro? The Usos run Raw too. Cue Riddle to jump the Usos with Big E. getting up to help clear the ring. Sonya Deville comes out to match the tag match. Hold on though because here is Seth Rollins to join us.

Riddle/Big E. vs. Usos

Non-title and Seth Rollins is on commentary. Big E. takes Jey into the corner to start and hands it off to Riddle for some kicks to the ribs. It’s back to Big E. as Riddle is sent outside, leaving Big E. to beat up the Usos on his own. That’s enough for Rollins, who jumps Owens for the DQ at 2:57.

Result: Riddle/Big E. b. Usos via DQ when Seth Rollins interfered (2:57)

Post match the beatdown is on but here is Randy Orton for the save. So where was he five minutes ago? An RKO drops Jimmy and we take a break.

Usos/Seth Rollins vs. Big E./RKBro

Joined in progress with Rollins’ arm getting cranked so it’s off to Riddle. It’s off to Jimmy, who kicks Riddle down and grabs a chinlock. Jey gets kicked off the apron but the distraction lets Riddle kick Jey down. It’s off to Big E. to pick up the pace, including the Warrior Splash to Jimmy.

A kick to Big E. doesn’t do much good as he takes Jimmy to the apron for a bunch of forearms to the chest. The apron splash connects as we take a break. Back with Orton having to fight out of a nerve hold and getting over to Riddle to pick up the pace. House is cleaned with forearms, suplexes, knees and backsplashes before everything breaks down. We settle down to Rollins elbowing Riddle in the front and back of the head, setting up a rollup for the pin at 11:10.

Result: Usos/Seth Rollins b. Big E./RKBro – Rollup to Riddle (11:10)

Post match the Usos go after Riddle but Orton makes the save with the RKO. Everyone else leaves and Big E. grabs Jimmy, telling him to tell daddy Roman that the message is received. He has a return message, and that’s a Big Ending.

We recap Doudrop costing Bianca Belair her shot at becoming #1 contender last week.

Bianca Belair isn’t happy with Doudrop but Tamina interrupts. Tamina says she’s Belair’s business tonight, which works for Belair.

Kevin Owens doesn’t appreciate being called a liar, but he was in fact lying because that’s what a bad guy does. Therefore, by saying he is a liar and then lying, he was telling the truth. Finn Balor pops up to say he doesn’t trust Owens but since he was supposed to face Seth Rollins, he’ll face Owens instead. Owens seems down.

Bianca Belair vs. Tamina

Tamina runs her over to start and we hit the chinlock as Doudrop is watching in the back. A running elbow drops Belair again but she’s back up with a dropkick into the corner. Belair hits a spinebuster for two but Tamina hits a superkick. The Superfly Splash is broken up with a slam off the top so Belair tries a handspring moonsault. Tamina gets the knees up but Belair hits her in the face and grabs the KOD for the pin at 4:40.

Result: Bianca Belair b. Tamina – KOD (4:40)

Post match here is Doudrop to say she is coming for Belair after Survivor Series.

Here is Becky Lynch for a chat and the fans didn’t seem to get the memo about needing to boo her. We see a clip of Charlotte talking about Becky on Smackdown and asking who Lynch even is. Becky says she used to be Charlotte’s best friend and the person who was always there for her. She was the person who was always there to offer Charlotte a shoulder to cry on, but the condition was Becky always had to be in the background. Then she dropped Charlotte and jumped into the stratosphere. Her success has made Charlotte so bitter and now she is going to make Charlotte face all of her demons.

Cue Liv Morgan to interrupt and say Becky just left her last week. Becky was expecting this and has a video ready, showing Morgan promising to become champion four months ago. Back in the arena, Becky says she has been back and won the title in 26 seconds, but Morgan has still done nothing. Morgan thinks Big Time Becks is a Big Time B**** and the fight is on. The threat of the Manhandle Slam is countered into an armdrag and Becky leaves, allowing Morgan to hold up the title.

Randy Orton yells at Riddle for getting involved but Riddle just gets confused about being the enemy of your friend. Orton: “NOBODY SAYS THAT!” Orton only cares about this team and storms off, with the Street Profits popping up to say they like what Riddle did earlier. Riddle likes them too and they share a catchphrase.

Street Profits vs. Alpha Academy

Dawkins flips over Gable to start and takes him down, allowing Ford to work on the arm. Ford’s dropkick drops Gable (with a kick) but Otis comes in to run Dawkins over. Dawkins avoids a charge in the corner though and Ford hits a big flip dive to take Gable down on the floor. Otis runs over both Profits and we take a break.

Back with Otis splashing Dawkins’ knee and handing it off to Gable for a dragon screw legwhip. The moonsault misses though and Dawkins hits the Silencer. That’s enough for the hot tag back to Ford, who strikes away at Otis. The kicks just seem to annoy Otis though, as he hits a pop up World’s Strongest Slam. Everything breaks down and Otis misses a charge into the barricade. Gable dives off the top onto Ford, who rolls through for the pin at 11:07.

Result: Street Profits b. Alpha Academy – Rollup to Gable (11:07)

We look back at Bobby Lashley beating Dominik Mysterio to take Dominik’s spot on the Survivor Series team.

Rey Mysterio comes in to see Adam Pearce about what happened with Dominik last week. Pearce doesn’t like Rey’s tone and gives him a match with Lashley tonight.

Nikki Ash vs. Queen Zelina

Rhea Ripley and Carmella are at ringside too. Nikki grabs a headlock to start before hitting a running crossbody. That earns her a toss to the apron so Nikki comes back in with a rollup for two. Vega gets caught in a fireman’s carry but fights out for a knee to the face. The chinlock goes on until Nikki fights up and kicks the knee out. A Carmella distraction lets Vega catch her on top though and Code Red gives Vega the pin at 2:45.

Result: Queen Zelina b. Nikki Ash – Code Red (2:45)

Post match Carmella yells at Rhea and a match seems ready.

Rhea Ripley vs. Carmella

Joined in progress with Ripley hitting a delayed vertical suplex and then tossing Carmella without much trouble. Carmella gets in a kick to the face for two and we hit the chinlock. Ripley fights up and grabs a northern lights suplex, earning herself a kick to the face. Back up and Ripley hits a headbutt into the Riptide for the pin at 4:10.

Result: Rhea Ripley b. Carmella – Riptide (4:10)

Post match, Vega says it doesn’t matter because Carmella is still going to lead the Raw women to victory at Survivor Series.

Big E. comes in to see Adam Pearce, who threatens to suspend him if he doesn’t play nice tonight.

Seth Rollins promises to lead Raw to the mountaintop, both before and after Survivor Series.

Finn Balor vs. Kevin Owens

Owens runs him over to start and hits an early backsplash for two. Balor rolls through a powerbomb though and scores with a basement dropkick. They head outside where the running apron kick is countered, allowing Owens to hit a swinging leg trap belly to back suplex for two. We hit the chinlock but Balor fights back and knocks Owens into the corner. Owens gets sent outside and that means the big flip dive to the floor as we take a break.

Back with Owens hitting a super Regal Roll for two and yelling at the fans a lot. A spinning side slam gives Owens two more and Balor charges into a superkick for the same. Balor rolls to the floor and hits the shotgun dropkick into the barricade. Back in and Owens hits the pop up sitout powerbomb for two but the Swanton hits knees. Balor gets caught going up top though and it’s a Stunner to give Owens the pin at 12:16.

Result: Kevin Owens b. Finn Balor – Stunner (12:16)

Here’s what happened at the Wrestlemania ticket on-sale party.

AJ Styles and Omos aren’t happy with Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler. Styles isn’t worried though, because he has his own Omos.

Dolph Ziggler and Roberts Roode aren’t worried either and think Styles and Omos are like the movie Twins, with AJ being Danny DeVito.

Video on Damian Priest.

AJ Styles/Omos vs. Robert Roode/Dolph Ziggler

AJ allows Omos to start with Roode, who thinks twice about things. Roode gets thrown into the corner and clotheslined, meaning it’s off to Ziggler instead. Omos fireman’s carries Ziggler into a faceplant and it’s the Phenomenal Forearm to give AJ the pin at 3:16.

Result: AJ Styles/Omos b. Robert Roode/Dolph Ziggler – Phenomenal Forearm to Ziggler (3:16)

Bobby Lashley is ready to run through Rey Mysterio tonight, just like he’ll do to Team Smackdown on Sunday.

Smackdown Rebound.

Survivor Series rundown.

Rey Mysterio vs. Bobby Lashley

Dominik Mysterio is here with Rey. Lashley starts with the power but Rey slips out to the apron for a top rope seated senton. Some right hands put Rey down so Dominik offers a distraction, allowing Rey to knock Lashley outside. Rey’s sliding armdrag is countered but he manages to send Lashley into the post. Something like the 619 grazes Lashley and the sliding splash to the floor hits him again. Back up and Lashley throws him into the barricade as we take a break.

We come back with Rey being powered into the corner as Adam Pearce watches backstage. Rey avoids a running clothesline but his springboard moonsault is countered into a spinning Big Ending. Lashley sends him outside for a loud posting, followed by the running shoulder to the ribs back inside. There’s a one armed delayed suplex to taunt Dominik a bit but Rey fights up again. This time it’s a 619 into the ribs, setting up the regular version to the face. The top rope splash connects but Lashley picks him up and grabs the Hurt Lock for the tap at 11:11.

Result: Bobby Lashley b. Rey Mysterio – Hurt Lock (11:11)

Post match Lashley keeps the hold on but glares at Dominik, who is too scared to get in. Lashley lets go and we cut to Adam Pearce, who heads into the arena with a microphone. It is his job to give us the best competition at Survivor Series, so Rey is off the team for a replacement to be named later. Cue Austin Theory to take out Dominik and get a quick selfie. Pearce likes that, so Theory is on the team in Rey’s spot.

Riddle/Big E. b. Usos via DQ when Seth Rollins interfered
Seth Rollins/Usos b. RKBro/Big E. – Rollup to Riddle
Bianca Belair b. Tamina – KOD
Street Profits b. Alpha Academy – Rollup to Gable
Queen Zelina b. Nikki Ash – Code Red
Rhea Ripley b. Carmella – Riptide
Kevin Owens b. Finn Balor – Stunner
AJ Styles/Omos b. Robert Roode/Dolph Ziggler – Phenomenal Forearm to Ziggler
Bobby Lashley b. Rey Mysterio – Hurt Lock

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