Mixed Match Challenge
Date: September 18, 2018
Location: BOK Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Commentators: Michael Cole, Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness

We’re back with season two of this shindig, which should be a lot of fun. The first season saw some rather entertaining matches and moments as it turned out that some teams had some actual chemistry together. This season is a little different though as we have a round robin format this time around as opposed to a single elimination tournament. Let’s get to it.

Since the tournament is a round robin format, the Raw and Smackdown teams won’t cross over until the finals, hence the Raw/Smackdown division names.

The announcers teach us how to use Facebook, as in the way we’re watching the show in the first place.

Raw Division: Braun Strowman/Ember Moon vs. Kevin Owens/Natalya

Moon is replacing the injured Alexa Bliss, who will get her spot back once she’s healthy. The men start and Owens immediately begs off from Strowman before handing it off to Moon instead. That means the women take it to the mat as Renee tries to remember the Team Pawz thing.

Back to the ring with Owens screaming that Natalya can’t let Moon tag. Moon cartwheels, with Owens praising her for being eight years old. A powerbomb sets up a Sharpshooter on Moon but Strowman makes a save and tags himself in. Panicking ensues in a hurry and the house cleaning comes just as quickly.

Owens gets knocked to the floor and Strowman does the run around the ring to knock Owens over. A second attempt runs into a superkick though and Owens throws him over the announcers’ table for a nine count. Back in and Natalya tags herself in to break up the powerslam, only to have Moon take her down in a hurry. Moon climbs onto Strowman’s shoulders for the Eclipse and the pin at 7:25.

Result: Ember Moon/Braun Strowman b. Kevin Owens/Natalya – Eclipse to Natalya (7:25)

Braun Strowman finally gets his hands on Kevin Owens during the first night of WWE MMC: Season 2

Sasha Banks and Bobby Lashley laugh off the idea of Alicia Fox and Jinder Mahal.

Mahal tries to teach Fox about inner peace with expected results.

Smackdown Division: Jimmy Uso/Naomi vs. AJ Styles/Charlotte

The guys start with AJ wrestling in a shirt for some reason. A feeling out process goes nowhere and it’s an early standoff. They catch kicks to the ribs at the same time and shake hands, which neither is willing to release. Naomi comes in and snaps her fingers at Charlotte which means….I have no idea actually. Charlotte kicks her down and struts a lot so Naomi grabs a springboard sunset flip for two.

They also do the caught kicks and handshake (at the same time in this case) until Naomi kicks her out to the floor. Naomi’s dive is caught by AJ and that’s not cool with Jimmy. Charlotte dives onto both of them but Naomi kicks her in the head to take over. Back in and the split legged moonsault misses, allowing Charlotte to hit the moonsault for two.

It’s back to the men with AJ cleaning house but the Styles Clash is reversed into a Samoan drop. Everything breaks down and Charlotte puts Jimmy in the Figure Eight, only to have Naomi dive in for the save. AJ breaks that up but takes the Rear View, leaving Naomi to get kicked in the face. The Figure Eight makes Naomi tap at 9:43.

Result: AJ Styles/Charlotte b. Jimmy Uso/Naomi – Figure Eight to Naomi (9:43)

Charlotte Flair takes out Jimmy Uso & Naomi in WWE Mixed Match Challenge showdown

Post match the winners celebrate, although with AJ tripping and taking Charlotte down with him.

Miz and Asuka are ready for next week.

R-Truth is ready to beat Carmella next week, though he eventually realizes they’re partners.

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