He’s good at both. Wrestlers are in a weird place when it comes to athletics. While it is clear that they are certainly athletic, a lot of the time they are not seen as athletes in the traditional sense. It can help a lot when you have some kind of a background in another sport, but it can be even different when you see an active wrestler trying another sport at the same time. That is what’s happening here in a unique way.

Earlier this year, WWE released Miro from his contract in a bit of a surprise. Miro was someone who had been in some big spots on pay per views before and seemed to always be just a step away from the main event scene. That never came though and after his release, he wound up in AEW. It turns out that might not be the only place you’ll be seeing him, though you might need to try something completely different.

Miro has announced that he is joining an FCF (Fan Control Football) league, though it is not clear if he will be playing for or owning a team. The idea of the league is that the fans have a heavy influence in everything that takes place, from the team name to the colors to the players to the style of football the team plays. There will be a fifty yard field and played with seven players at a time. It is not clear when the league will start.

You might prefer his wrestling. Check out what Miro does in the ring:

Opinion: Well that’s certainly a surprise and while I’m really not sure how much I buy into the idea of fans running a football team, it’s a unique idea. I’m not sure if Miro would make an announcement like this about a league he isn’t playing in and AEW is letting Jake Hager have mixed martial arts fights. This is something where I’ll believe it when I see it, but this is kind of a weird situation.

What do you think of the idea? Will it work out for Miro? Let us know in the comments below.

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