She’s hardcore. There are very few things in athletics harder than winning an Olympic medal. It takes several years of dedication and training, as the competition is literally the best in the world. A few of them have made the move over to professional wrestling, including Ronda Rousey. That same toughness that helped earn her an Olympic medal in judo has helped her in other areas, as a new story explains.

Mark Henry was recently a guest on Busted Open Radio and told a story about Rousey undergoing treatment for an injury that involved having stem cells injected. Henry had undergone the same procedure and upon waking up, begged to be put back to sleep to avoid the pain. Rousey underwent the procedure while awake without anesthesia, which was enough for Henry to see her as one of the toughest people in the world. Here is Henry’s version of the story, with transcription courtesy of

“Maybe it’s not for me to tell this story, but I’ll let the cat out the bag. I heard, because I was talking about having stem cells to help my knee and hip flexor. So, I had the surgery when I had my knee done, and they drill into your hip bones and they pull out the marrow. They spin it, create a serum and inject it into wherever you need it to help. I was put under to get that done. When I woke up, I was in as much pain as any surgery or injury I ever had because of the sensitive area of your hips. I heard that Ronda Rousey had the stem cells before and they didn’t use anesthesia to put her under.”

“They drilled into her hips and extracted the stem cells while she was awake. It hurt her but she was able to do it. And I’m going to tell you guys right now. I could not have done that. I woke up in so much pain that I was begging for medicine to put me back asleep. I said, ‘give me medicine. I don’t want to feel this, it hurts.’ And she did that awake? Golly that’s got to count for being one of the toughest humans alive – not [just] in wrestling, period.”

Here’s how she works while in pain:

Ronda Rousey vs. Mickie James - Raw Women's Championship Match: Raw, Nov. 19, 2018

Opinion: That’s a heck of a story and something that very few people would likely be able to go through. Rousey had a famously tough upbringing and made it all the way to the bronze medal in judo at the Olympics. If what Henry said is true, it makes Rousey look even more impressive than she already is. Why she would want to do that isn’t clear, but it’s rather impressive that she did.

What do you think of Rousey? Will she main event WrestleMania 35? Let us know in the comments below.

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